Problem copying files from CD

  Gary Wood 16:25 09 Apr 2005

I have a CD of backed up files. I have successfully copied all but two of these files onto my hard drive. However, two of them cause Windows to report a Cyclical Redundancy Check error and won't copy.

Does anyone know if there's any way for me to recover these files?

*All* suggestsions appreciated and thanks in advance.


  SANTOS7 16:30 09 Apr 2005

The error message can relate to a dirty,badly scratched,or that part of the disc is warped.
I would start with cleaning the disc and trying again.

  Gary Wood 16:46 09 Apr 2005

Cheers Santos7.

I'd looked at the disc prior to posting but didn't see any dirt or damage I thought was significant. However, I tried cleaning the disc after reading your post and have managed to get one of the files off it.

There's still one I haven't got, though. Any more ideas?


  SANTOS7 16:53 09 Apr 2005

If you have managed to recover one of the files by cleaning try again i have used soap and warm water before now (worked well with albums) click here or try the
free part version of this...

  Gary Wood 17:03 09 Apr 2005

Thanks Stantos7,

I tried cleaning the disc twice before making my second post. I used some computer cleaning liquid, which contains isopropyl alcohol.

I've also tried ISOBuster prior to making my post but will have a look at some of other tools on the page you linked to.

Will let you know how it goes. Meantime, if anyone has any further suggestions, they'll be very welcome.


  ICF 17:07 09 Apr 2005

Try it in another drive if you have one that sometimes works.

  Gary Wood 17:17 09 Apr 2005

Thanks ICF,

I tried the CD in another drive an have now successfully recovered the second file. Just need to burn all the files onto a new CD now...



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