problem connecting to wireless internet

  tAtu*! 10:44 10 Mar 2007

Hi all
Can u help?

i have wireless internet set up on my desktop PC via a BT home hub.

I have been using it wireless for some time, until the other day when i kept getting the dreaded page cannot be displayed or another message that says the network is busy?

i have tried my brothers laptop on my network with his logging on details and it works???

also i know i am attached to the internet on my desktop as i can download updates for my AV ??

any help appreciated


  ArrGee 12:33 10 Mar 2007

I had the same problem with my HomeHub recently.

Are you using the HomeHub software to manage your wireless network connections?

It may be better to use Windows to handle this instead.

Go to Start - Control Panel - Network Connections - and right click Wireless Network Connection - Properties

Then click the Wireless Networks tab, and put a check in the box next to "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 10 Mar 2007

Check the SSID and the WEP/WPA are correct reenter them if necessary and retry.

Also check your software firewall on the laptop is allowing access.

  tAtu*! 15:28 10 Mar 2007

thanks for the replies

The strange thing is its been working ok for weeks and started all of asudden!

the SSID and WEP keys are correct, will try ArrGee idea and see if that works.

I cant use I.E shortcut, i have to use the BT yahoo broadband icon which is a bit strange? it previously worked. I have not downloaded or messed with my system so dont know what/how these problems occured??

  tAtu*! 15:39 10 Mar 2007

no joy with that idea!

any other ones??


  ArrGee 16:25 10 Mar 2007

Probably sounds boring, but have you gone through all the Spyware and Antivirus checks.

Also, backtrack to when it was working fine and see if you loaded in any new software or plugged in any new hardware since.

Try running this and see what crops up:

click here

  tAtu*! 07:22 11 Mar 2007


the problem is i cant access the internet on my desktop to download this program?

thanks again

  ArrGee 09:02 11 Mar 2007

Can you download it to the pc you are using to access this forum? (Assuming you aren't in an internet cafe)

  tAtu*! 14:42 12 Mar 2007

still no joy!!!

installed the previous mentioned program, which to be fair picked up a lot of stuff i did not know was there ie adware etc, but still no joy accessing my homepage or the internet! my zonealarm shows i am on the internet and i can download updates for my av??

any further help????
thanks in advance.

  postie24 16:20 12 Mar 2007

Might be zone alarm playing up,disable it,turn on the windows firewall and try again


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