Problem Connecting to Network - Previously fine

  tiddlescymru 00:40 27 Jun 2007

I've had my computer connected perfectly fine to my wireless network for nearly a year now. I had my wireless connection before my PC, and there was no problem connecting the PC to the network from the get go.

However, last week, I turned my PC on and it just won't connect to the network. I'm using a netgear router with a Ralink Wireless LAN card. The computer says the wireless card is connected, and the network is visible in both the Ralink configuration and the Windows Zero Config, but I try and connect and it just won't!
It can't be the router because the other desktop PC and the laptop are both connecting fine without any bother.
I simply have no clue what to do...I've tried everything I can think of, so at the moment I'm using a cable to connect to the internet.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

  mgmcc 11:28 27 Jun 2007

In the "Wireless Network Connection" Properties, Wireless Networks tab, try "Removing" your network from the list of Preferred Networks and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again. The existing 'profile' could be corrupt and this will create a new one.

  tiddlescymru 12:04 27 Jun 2007

Thanks for your help. I did what you said but it still doesn't work.
I honestly have no idea what else to try, I just don't understand how one night I can turn it off from working fine and then next morning I switch the PC on and the wireless just won't connect.

As I said, the network is visible to the computer, its just the computer doesn't want to connect to the WZC it just keeps trying to connect without doing anything.
Totally stumped!

  tiddlescymru 00:36 28 Jun 2007

Thanks for the advice, but it turns out it was my wireless card - I tried my wireless card in another desktop PC and guess what...same problem, so I tried a different wireless card in my own PC and it works perfectly.
Thanks again.

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