Problem connecting laptop to internet - wireless

  jonny-w 22:49 08 Dec 2005


I am having real trouble sorting this one out.

I have a desktop running xp pro and a laptop xp home, both up to date SP2.

I have recently installed an adsl router (US robotics) and a wireless adapter (Kcorp 575) in order to join the 2 pc's wirelessly and to access the internet wirelessly from the laptop.

I have it all setup and I can share files in both directions with no problems (any more!) and I can ping either machine from the other.

Thephysical setup is as follows:

Desktop connected to adsl router by ethernet cable.

Adsl router connected to wireless router by crossover ethernet cable.

laptop fitted with wireless pcmia card.

The internet connection works fine on the desktop, but no matter what i do i cannot get it to work on the laptop.

I think perhaps it might be something to do with the configuration of the KCORP wireless router, which is accessed via a web based system.

Please can anybody help me?

I am going mad, 3rd day now!

John in Oxford.

  bazb 11:02 09 Dec 2005


"Adsl router connected to wireless router by crossover ethernet cable".

I think you should be using a normal ethernet cable, and not a crossover cable.

  jonny-w 11:10 09 Dec 2005

thanks for reply, no it definitely nedds a crossover in this setup, but it needs to go into a LAN port on the second router, not the WAN - the second router is nothingto do with the LAN, this was my problem.

I have now fixed it thanks to some help on this other forum. The information about different types of file sharing between xp pro and xp home was extremely helpful.

click here;action=display;threadid=16273


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