Problem connecting to internet bank

  riverstar 13:20 29 Jul 2014

I have a problem connecting to my internet account with a foreign bank. I have had no problems for several years but recently my laptop refused to connect but my tablet still worked now my tablet has the same problem. I connect with the banks website with no problem but when I click on the logon button I get a message saying that it can't find the site or it just stays there looking for the site.

  rdave13 14:29 29 Jul 2014

Try typing the bank's address in the bar instead if using a bookmark/favourite icon.

  spuds 15:40 29 Jul 2014

Have you tried the connection, using a different browser?.

  riverstar 15:44 29 Jul 2014

I have no problem in opening the banks home page it is when I click the internet banking login button that my problem begins aal I get then is a page with the heading "about blank"

  riverstar 15:45 29 Jul 2014

I get the same result using a different browser

  spuds 16:11 29 Jul 2014

"I get the same result using a different browser"

The reason why I asked, was due to the fact that I had similar problems once, and the bank was having problems with particular browser's. I could get onto the bank's website, but their security measures were blocking the login.

The bank was aware at the time, and later dealt with the problem.

  alanrwood 19:15 29 Jul 2014

You need to get in contact with the bank concerned.

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