Problem connecting front USB

  en1gma12 19:33 30 May 2004


I recently bought a new pc case with front USB's. I'm not sure how to connect them to the motherboard. The USB connectors have 4 wires each and they are labelled vcc1 & vcc2 (one for each port) data+ and data-(2 of each) and ground 1&2. The diagram in my motherboard manual has the pins labelled as +5v 1&2 which I know are the vcc connectors, P+ & P- (2 of each) and ground 1&2. The problem is, do the connectors labelled data+ & - connect to the pins labelled P+ & -? Its thrown us out with the pins on the motherboard being labelled 'P' rather than 'data'. Any ideas?


ps, I hope you understand what I've written.

  Mo H 19:39 30 May 2004

what type of motherboard is it please?

  Mo H 19:49 30 May 2004

click here

See connections lower dwon page. May help you

  Bowsprit 20:33 30 May 2004

Shown is one set of connections the other is the same order.

Connections Motherboard

V1 = +5v
Data + = P+ (usb)
Data - = P- (usb)
G = Gnd

  Mo H 20:41 30 May 2004

Red Wire = +5v
White = Data - (USB -)
Green = Data + (USB +)
Black = Gnd

If you are trying to set up 2 USB front ports and have 5 pins then the first Ground can be avoided.

See Header Connections on my previous link. I have just ripped out my kids and checked them. It will work.

  en1gma12 20:43 30 May 2004

Thanks for that, I had a feeling that the 'data' connectors went on the 'p' pins but wanted to make sure before trying it.


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