Problem conn. to internet via wireless networ

  hssutton 15:37 06 Oct 2004

Equipment Linksys wireless-B, 2.4Gh. D-Link DSL ADSL modem. OS. XP-Pro.

The modem works OK when connected direct to the PC via Ethernet cable (log-in details stored in modem). It’s when the modem is routed via the wireless broadband router that I have problems. When configuring the router, I’m asked to enter the same log-in details as already exists in the modem. The router supports 5 connection types, none of these support PPPoA, the requested protocol of my ISP. I’ve tried all the other methods of connection (Obtain IP Automatically, Static IP, PPPoE, RAS. & PPTP) without success. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but what?

Suggestions in laymans language please.

Many thanks. Harry

  PsiFox 16:22 06 Oct 2004

Can you tell me the model number of your router please.


  hssutton 16:41 06 Oct 2004

Linksys 802.11b, model BEFW11S4

  PsiFox 16:51 06 Oct 2004

You will need to connect a pc at first via an rj45 cable to perform the initial setup on the router.

I don't use linksys gear myself and where possible utilise routers with built in modem.

I assume you have followed the guide available from here in a pdf format

click here


  hssutton 17:28 06 Oct 2004

PsiFox, this is rather strange, the PDF file although showing the same model number, refers to a router which is quite different from mine. I have followed the fast start instruction that came with the router, and all seems well, apart from the internet connection problem.

  Rioja 00:37 07 Oct 2004


You will need to configure your router to use "Static IP" connection as the modem is terminating the ADSL signal.
I would suggest configuring using static addresses, not dhcp. The PCs and LAN side of the wireless router must be on one subnet, e.g. 192.168.0.x - mask, and the modem LAN side and wireless router WAN side must be on a second subnet, e.g. 192.168.7.x. - mask .
Remember for the PCs the Gateway will be the LAN address of the wireless router but the DNS address will be the LAN address of the modem.
Configure the WAN side config of the wireless router with it's Gateway and DNS as the LAN address of the modem.

  hssutton 08:58 07 Oct 2004


Many thanks, will try this out later on today

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