Problem with Computer,lets call it fps drops.

  Sercupa 15:56 13 Nov 2015

Hi,i have some not so strong gaming pc (AMD Athlon(tm) X4 740 Quad Core Processor 3.20ghz,4gb of RAM,AMD Radeon r7 250).Specs aint that much important because my question aint specifily about games.I have to stop here for a second and apologize for my level 0 of English speaking skills.So,about the problem.When i've bought PC it had a windows 7 x64 on itself it worked really fine.After some time ofcourse pc starts to act slower and stuff so i've decided to format everything and reinstall windows.I've installed the same windows 7 x64 and i wasnt really satsified with changes.Games worked fine but the ordinary surfing trought web or computer was a lagy/bugy.At first i was like maybe its about windows,i must've installed it wrong somehow.After reinstalling windows 7 there was no diffrence.To be sure that it aint about windows i installed windows 10 (Just upgraded).It did boost up a little bit,BUT just a little bit.Did i do something wrong?I mean guys,is quad core and 4gb ram and a solid graph card not enough to do normal surfing trough computer files and web brower?I've seen a loot of way worse PC's working like a clock with this simple objectives.Any idea what's the problem?Is it Software or hardware?PC is like 6 months old,nothing special...

  Sercupa 18:36 13 Nov 2015

Yep,all working fine.It aint just about internet surfing.Its about general navigating trough computer.PLaying music,movies etc...Also new thing keeps happening,when i play some video on facebook its all colorless and negative and looks awfull for the first 5-7 seconds of the video,rest looks fine.

  Sercupa 19:53 13 Nov 2015

1)How do i check if my PC is manufactured? 2)I think i've installed the motherboard chipset drivers because all of my drivers i installed from internet not CD's 3)How to see which are appropriate chipset drivers?

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