Problem with closing down computer

  [DELETED] 08:58 23 Nov 2003

Just recently I have started having to press the off button on my computer to get it to switch off completely.
On closing down it gets to the stage where on screen the message is WINDOWS IS SHUTING DOWN then the shut down click comes from the box and all activity stops but the message on screen stays. I then must power down manually. I am running XP home on a Mesh 1900xp computer. Has anyone got a clue how I can correct this annoying habit please. I feel that it may be something that I have done but have no clue as to what.

  [DELETED] 09:31 23 Nov 2003

Could be a bios problem but also a powermanagement problem. Yuor motherboard may not support that function so check in power management that things are on properly etc

  [DELETED] 09:44 23 Nov 2003

I,ll be watching this thread closely, because I am also running XP Home edition since day one & have been most impressed, until the last few weeks unable to shutdown properly. I used to turn power off at switch but I wasn't keen on that so what I do now is press restart the button on the computer for a fresh reboot then I shut it down properly, I know this is not the answer you want to hear but better than totally removing the power. I downloaded the SP1a package and this has not cured it, if the answer is out there this forum will know.

  [DELETED] 09:50 23 Nov 2003

Hi Bagsey, see if any of the ideas on this site help:-
click here

I recently discovered that Norton Antivirus checking the floppy drive for viruses at shutdown caused my Windows 98se system to hang up. I think it can also affect XP. In Norton AV this is Options - Autoprotect - Advanced, and untick the box for "Scan floppy disk in A: for boot viruses when shutting down."

  [DELETED] 10:37 23 Nov 2003

I installed Tweak XP (Powertoy).. there is a function there to 'disable fast shutdown' I selected this, rebooted and then disabled the function, mine now shuts down normally.

  [DELETED] 11:54 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for your helpfull suggestions which I spent an evening on yesterday. I was interested particularly on the info page that gangoozler pointed me towards. However after trying many things without any obvious progress I went to watch TV. During the night I woke in the dark with the thought that maybe it had to do with the BTYahoo Browser.??? I realised that I only appeared to have this problem when using my BB connection through that front end. I could not remember having the close down bug when using IE6 front end. So after much messing about this morning I am fairly sure that BTYahoo browser is the culprit. But what to do about it I dont know. I am afraid that I am not very impressed with the BTYahoo browser as I have had several unresolved problems with that.But that is another story. Once again thanks for your help I will continue investigaing the problem and report back if I get anything conclusive.

  [DELETED] 16:43 24 Nov 2003


  [DELETED] 16:51 24 Nov 2003

Thanks, now I know why the floppy drive comes to life every time I shut down. I have now killed this option.

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 17:04 24 Nov 2003

Have you contacted BTYahoo to see if there's a patch for this problem?

  [DELETED] 22:13 24 Nov 2003

Not on this one because they must sick of me and my moans. But would be pleased if someeone else added to their misery. In the meantime I am going to use IE6 instead of BtYahoo front end.

  [DELETED] 08:14 25 Nov 2003

I am going to sign this thread off before the TICK police nab me but I'm always willing to hear any other ideas about the cause of this glitch.
Thanks for the info.

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