Problem with clicking links

  kuhbler 11:41 31 Dec 2003

Hi there,

Running WinXP Pro, IE6 Sp1.

My main Administrator account works fine, I have no problem using anything I need to on the web.

I have set up another User account for my housemate. It is set for Limited Access. The problem lies in that some of the links/buttons on certain websites don't work.

For example, in, you can type in the search box, but when you hit the search button nothing happens. The only links that work on that page are the Advertise With Us, Business Solutions, Services and Tools, Jobs. The others don't respond when clicked on. Even right-clicking and Open In New Window doesn't work.

There is a similar problem using Most of the links and the search won't work in that either. I've tried various other random websites and there doesn't seem to be a problem with the links on these sites.

I have checked all the settings are identical to the one I use on the Administrator login and I have set the new User login as Administrator as well to see if that made a difference.

I have tried activating the guest account and I have the same problem with that as well.

Basically I am stumped! There doesn't seem to be anything in the Microsoft databank that describes exactly what is happening.

Other software I'm running that may be affecting something could be Spyware Blocker.

I've changed my firewall since the first time I noticed the problem (now running Zonealarm) and also running AVG.

Any ideas?

  BBez 11:51 31 Dec 2003

depending on your popup / spyware blocker, there should be a setting for over riding the blocking of popups (eg press Ctrl when clicking). Try running it with the blocker disabled, see what happens

  kuhbler 19:43 31 Dec 2003

I'm not actually using any popup blocker (I guess you mean like Popup Stopper or something like that).

Spyware Blocker writes to your registry and stops spyware from installing onto your system. As it doesn't affect anything in the Admin login I don't think it should affect anything in the other logins.

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