problem choosing the right router

  Emporio 23:08 14 Dec 2005

I have broadband with Telewest, I have the phone, internet and the TV package with Telewest. I have 3 laptops at home and would like to be able to be online at the same time. i am very confused need help in selecting the right wireless router package. I called up telewest they don't support it, thus are refusing to help me. They say my internet broadband is coming from the phone. I have been on many websites looking for a router and Pc card deals but can't seem to choose, as they are all differnt, some say DSL some say ADSL etc. Please help me choose a correct router package, i.e. please name a package, one which will work, as I have been told if I buy the wrong one I will not be able to exchange it.

  LivEviL 23:13 14 Dec 2005

first of all do u know if ur on adsl or dsl im not sure what the difference is but im on adsl! have a look on ur current modem or modem package it normaly says 'dsl modem' or adsl 'modem'
second of all i would suggest takin a look at either belkin or Netgear! im on a netgear wireless router it works well and i no people who use belkin and they also work well! also belkin u can have the usb wireless areials which have a extention to them for better signal reception!
mayb this topic would be better suited in the networking forum

  phono 23:38 14 Dec 2005

ADSL is an acronym for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, see here click here for further information.

DSL has equal upload and download speeds.

  nerawan 10:43 15 Dec 2005

BT is offering a Router/Modem. This is what you need. An integrated router/modem so you don't have to connect both of them. I made a mistake when I boght a router (only) with an ethernet connection. It was supposed to connect to my modem wich has an USB connection. So I can't connect both of them now.

  Rigga 11:24 15 Dec 2005

see broadbandbuyer here.. > click here <

It explains that you need a broadband router for Cable internet connections.. NOT an ADSL router!!!


  Rigga 11:26 15 Dec 2005

btw.. the link above are all wired routers..

the wireless one's are here > click here <


  uisquebeathus 13:14 15 Dec 2005

Telewest have a special discount offer with Netgear for network solutions strange that they did not mention this
click here
or here
click here

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