Problem with CD-RW discs

  The Teacher 21:33 09 Sep 2003

I bought some CD-RW discs some time ago and have not had cause to use them until recently. When I came to use them, to back up some data for teaching, the copier, Easy CD Creator 4, began the copying process and then after a while ejected the disc and then closed the ejector door. Writing to the disc continued for a while but then stopped with the error message "Writing not complete, CD is write protected."

This was a bit of a surprise as I thought that I could write to the discs, after all they are CD-RW.

I was advised to format the disc using Direct CD. This I tried but got the message "You cannot use this drive for this CD, formatting not complete".

I have e-mailed TDK, the disc manufacturer, but so far I have not had a response. I don't want to put the info onto floppy disc as it would take too many discs, but I need the info on something other than paper so that I can use it in a lesson.

Anyone got any ideas?

Also does anyone know of the merits of Nero over Easy CD creator. I have been looking at this but reviews I have read seem biased. I have not any problems with Easy CD Creator before now and the software writes to CD-R with no problems. According to the live update for the software all is up to date.


The Teacher

  bobbyc 21:51 09 Sep 2003

i had this prob formatting with easy cd
i uninstalled it then realoaded it and it worked
but now i have changed to nero
alot better i think also incd packet writing software lets you format easy

  Ironman556 22:19 09 Sep 2003

Nero is generally better and also a bit faster than a lot of other CD Writing software, but unless you want to do more than write a few files to a CD then it's not worth upgrading if you current software is working OK.

You should be able to download Nero as a demo. uninstall anything by ADAPTEC first though as the programs don't get on.

  billyliv 22:20 09 Sep 2003

Hi, I dumped all of my CD/RWs, they are not as reliable as CD/Rs. Cheers, Bill

  Simsy 22:28 09 Sep 2003

in basics when writing to rewritable CD's.....

You can either use a "packet writing" programme, such as "Direct CD", (or the equivalent from Ahead/Nero, called InCD), or use a more "conventional writing prog, such as Easy CD Creator, or Nero...

If you arre using a "packet writing" prog then the CD has to be formatted first. (The formatting is known as UDF, Universal disc format.) When this is done then the formatted CD is written to in exactly the same way as you would write to a floppy, eg "drag and drop". The formatting process has other consequencies;

1) To read such a CD the PC must have software that can read UDF discs. This will be achieved by having either "Direct CD" or "InCD" installed, or a generic UDF reader. (and probably others of which I am unaware)

2) Formatting takes some space, so a formatted 650M disc only has about 500M useable space.

3) A disc so formatted cannot be used with "conventional" CD writing software, (Nero, or Easy CD Creator), as you have discovered without first being completely erased.

I hope this helps. I add 2 riders...

I know that Windows XP has it's own CD writing capabilities that is different to both the above but I don't know how it behaves.

I know that some "packet writing" software will also format CDR's (ie, not rewritable discs). Again I'm not sure of details of this.

I hope this helps!



  Simsy 22:32 09 Sep 2003

I know lots' of folk report reliabilty problems with CDRW discs... This has not been my experience, at all, when using them formatted/packet writing. I do this all the time.

I don't often use them with "conventional" software. When I did, in the distant past, I did have failures.



  -pops- 06:50 10 Sep 2003

I would not even use a CDRW as a bird scarer.

  Tog 07:25 10 Sep 2003

I use DirectCD on CDRW all the time for backups and transferring files, no probs at all. There is/was a utility on the Roxio site called ScanCD to check your CDRW. My version of Easy CD is older than yours but I have a CD erase function in there which is quite handy. If you have it, try and erase the CDRW, if it won't then I would blame the CDs.

  The Teacher 23:30 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for the advise.

I have used the scan CD facility and it reports all OK. I have used Direct CD to wipe the CD and then tried to format it but it still doesn't work, when it tries, I get the error message saying "you cannot use this drive (D) for these CDs". This is puzzling me because I the drive is set to "D" works fine for all installing etc., from other CDs and lets me write to CD-R.

I wouldn't have bothered with CD-RW just for back up generally, but what I want on the CDs for teaching purposes have updates fairly regularly and I didn't want a big wad of CD-Rs cluttering my briefcase if one or two CD-RWs would do.

I tried the drive with some other CDs and as above works fine, I also backed up some other stuff to CD-R which worked fine. So I don't know whether it is a software problem or a CD problem. Update for software reports all is up to date.


The Teacher

  Ironman556 20:23 11 Sep 2003

Try another brand of CDRW, if that works, buy another TDK disc and try that, if that works too then you've probably got a faulty disc and you may be able to get it swapped.


Give the disc to a friend and ask them to try writing to it. It could be your CD writer and those discs don't work together, it happens sometimes.

  The Sack 20:47 11 Sep 2003

XP can read UDF discs without any software instaled BTW

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