Problem with a CD recorded on the computer

  willnewcastle 16:32 15 Aug 2011

I recorded some picture files from my PC on a CD. It seemed like the process of recording went fine, but when I tried to open the files on the CD, the CD would not open. I insert CD into my computer and nothing happens. I even tryed to open it from "My Computer", but its not possible either! I was wondering whats going on, is it the CD thats faulty and I should try to record these files on a different CD, or is it because the files I'm trying to record are corrupt? Or is it my computer's fault that it didnt record the CD properly?

  Diemmess 17:28 15 Aug 2011

You haven't said what OS you are using and whether the recording was done by simply copying picture files to the CD or you were trying something more fancy with special software?

That CD, was it a CDR or CDRW?

Meanwhile have a look in My Computer and list the files as "details". This should show the copied files (jpg?) as the same size as the originals.

  willnewcastle 21:45 15 Aug 2011

The type of CD I used is CD-R. It was a straightforward copying of a file with pictures onto a CD, I've done it lots of times and never had a problem like this before!

  willnewcastle 23:48 15 Aug 2011

Tried to repeat the recording process, but same thing keeps happening. Files sucessfully recorded on CD but afterwards computer doesnt even recognise the CD when I put it in!

  Diemmess 09:08 16 Aug 2011

"Files successfully recorded on CD but afterwards"....... Sorry to be pedantic but how do you know this?

Are you quoting an end of copying message? I assume that the CD as you say is not recognised because either there is nothing actually recorded, or the CD has been made unreadable by a software corruption of the recorded file.

It is beginning to seem like a failure of the CD Drive to record (either corrupt software or drive failure). The drive will play other CDs for you I suppose?

CD/DVD burners are so much more robust these days. There was a time when the laser failed very easily. I'm just guessing yours may still read, but maybe cannot find enough oomph to record.

  willnewcastle 22:57 18 Aug 2011

Yeah, I'm guessing that files have been successfully recorded because a message comes up at the end saying that. The CD seems to be unreadable though, I dont think its still blank. There is a development to this story: Last night I tried to record some videos on exactly same kind od CD and it worked! So now I'm completely confused...

  Diemmess 09:41 19 Aug 2011

Don't you hate intermittent faults?

Let's hope everything is stable once again. I would be interested to know what your computer can see on one of the coasters if you haven't thrown them away yet. What I'm trying to prove is whether there is anything at all on them, even total rubbish?

In the past I have produced duds with usually enough transferred to have the PC reject the dud and ask for a new disk, but on screen appeared blank and unused!

Whatever your choice using - My Computer or Windows Explorer - and enable hidden files etc. See if anything shows? I'd like to know.

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