problem with CD and CDRW drives

  [DELETED] 14:57 26 Oct 2003

When I put a disc in my CD rom drive It will not read it. However if I open windows media player and choose the CD drive I can see the audio cd has loaded and I can play it. If I put a CD in my CDRW the folder opens but it is empty. Then again I can access it through Media player and play it if it is an audio CD has anybody any ideas.

  woodchip 15:25 26 Oct 2003

Go to device Manager click on drives and click the remove button at the bottom, remove both CD and CDRW. Then restart your computer so Windows can Reconfigure the Drives. Then try them to see if they are any better

  [DELETED] 18:30 26 Oct 2003

I do not know how to get to device manager. I am enlish but all I have learned with windows is in danish and i do not know what device manager is in danish. If you can tell me how to get there maybe I can recognise some of the commands.

  [DELETED] 18:35 26 Oct 2003

To open Device Manager, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

  alan 2273 18:38 26 Oct 2003

What operating system are you using? 98se, ME or XP

  Stuartli 19:14 26 Oct 2003

Or My Computer, Properties and then Device Manager.

Highlight your CD/DVD-ROM drive or rewriter as required and again select Properties.

In XP it's similar but you click on Hardware tab and then Device Manager.

It's most likely that you have selected Windows Media Player as your default player.

Have you tried right clicking on your CD-ROM drive in My Computer and selecting Explore?

This should list its contents.

  graham√ 19:47 26 Oct 2003

Try My Computer, right click on the drive, Properties, Auto Play. You can choose the program to play the CD. Don't forget to click Apply, OK.

  [DELETED] 19:48 28 Oct 2003

I was nearly going crazy with this problem, but I eventually found the problem. AVG ANTI VIRUS programme. When it was installed me A,E,and F drives could not read the media. Iam now running Norton Internet Security, and they all work fine.

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