Problem with Canon i455 printer

  Al94 18:11 27 Sep 2004

The printer I was singing the praises of is causing problems after less than 6 months. I am getting terrible text print quality with lines through the text and very fuzzy. Colour prints fine. I have tried a different cartridge and several deep cleaning cycles but can't improve it. I think the print head has dried out (it gets light use only). One thing I have noticed is that where the print head "parks" there is a foam pad under where the colour head rests and only a small tray with no pad in it where the black head rests. Could this be a cobtributing factor (maybe someone with the same printer could check) So far no response fron the vendor or Canon UK to my emails, I am just too busy during the day at the moment to maker a phone call about it. Any ideas?? (PS have been using compatible carts from Ink Emporium - will this invalidate warranty?)

  Wak 18:29 27 Sep 2004

Hi, I used to have a Canon BJC 1000 so you will have to judge for yourself whether my comments apply to your printer.
With Canon I found that too many head cleaning sessions soon fills up the ink tank (a thick felt pad in the base of the printer) and the printer then has to be stripped down and thoroughly cleaned. The printer will also have to be reset electrically.
I would have thought that a pad of some sort should be provided as a resting place for the print head when not in use in order to stop it drying out.
If it has dried out, stand the cartridge in a 1/4" of hot (not boiling) water in a saucer until cool and then stand on a damp paper tissue until the ink flows freely. Repeat as required.
Printing a single line of text each week will stop it drying out, keep the ink flowing and will not use as much ink as a cleaning session.
Hope this helps.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:29 27 Sep 2004

It might be worth getting in touch with the retailer from whom you bought it - after 6 months it should not have given up...

compatible carts from Ink Emporium - will this invalidate warranty? Possibly, depending on the warranty.

  Sion 19:32 27 Sep 2004

I have a canon i455 and i only used a compatible cartridge once. Never Again ! Print quality was not as good as the offical ones, and it took several cleaning sessions to get the black print head working properly after i had replaced it. (this was when i was in uni, and was printing every week, so i dont think its the ink drying out. I just recently went on holiday for 2 months, and my printer is printing fine, even after such a long absence)
trust me, get some canon cartridges, get some cleaning done, and u should be fine.

  Al94 21:12 27 Sep 2004

Thanks for the tips guys, Sion, does your printer have pads under both colour & black nozzles where the printhead parks?

  Sion 21:41 27 Sep 2004

yes it does. i assume you mean the spongey type charcoal pad thing. (what a technical description!)

  Al94 22:05 27 Sep 2004

Mmmmm - mine doesn't, just under the colour nozzle - could be part of the problem. The vendor has emailed me a Canon support telephone number but it will be Thursday before I have time to call as it's a 9.00 to 5.30 service.
Thanks for your help.

  Al94 11:16 30 Sep 2004

Have tried all suggestions including a new genuine canon cartridge with no success. I think the absence of the foam pad under the black nozzle has allowed the print head to partially dry out. Had a look in local PCW and all printers have these pads. Have contacted Canon and have to return the printer to their warranty repairs place in Luton. Will post the outcome.

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