Problem with cached files (Not!)

  Piphel 23:23 07 Jul 2005

Can anyone help please? I have somewhat of the opposite problem to Teasle from Wed, 04.05.05 @ 09:01.

Until recently, both of my PC's cached all web pages perfectly normally, then, although I'm not aware of any particular changes that have occured, all pages except my own do!

The fact that it's only mine suggests to me it's either something to do with the hosting (I use AOL screename space to store images and link to them from within my HTML), or the HTML code I use in my Ebay listings (if that's possible?).

Not being particularly technical and being unable to understand the inner workings of memory management means I can't comprehend where the problem can be, but it's a real pain because even whilst developing pages and previewing them I now have to wait for all of the images (over 20 sometimes) to load every time. It's like doing Ctrl+Refresh every time :-(

I have Tools/Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files/Settings/Check for newer pages set at 'Automatically'. Clearly if I change that setting to 'never' the immediate problem goes away, but surely if it works fine in all other instances I ought to be able to trust the same setting to work for my own web site and Ebay listings? I know AOL does some additional caching on their own servers, but as this appears to be the opposite problem, I fail to see how this would affect things.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.

VIA KT400 Chipset
AMD Athlon 2600+
ASUS v9280
Speedtouch Router
AOL 9.0 Broadband Gold

  VoG II 23:27 07 Jul 2005

Try Cleanup! click here

  Piphel 23:50 07 Jul 2005

Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't make any difference - I already use Aladdin's Internet Cleanup periodically anyway. As I said it's the reverse of a cache clearance problem. Back and Forward buttons work fine, but clicking a link results in a complete refresh, even though the images, etc are clearly cached okay!

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