Problem with cached files

  Teasle 09:01 04 May 2005

Please can somebody help me (again)?
When I update my website using either my webdesign software, Smart FTP or my ISP FTP software, it appears to have uploaded ok as I get no error messages but I can only see the old pages on my machine. My ISP help team can see the new pages so it must be my machine.
I had this problem a few weeks ago and the advice given here then sorted out my problem but now it has raised it's ugly head again. Here, I was advised to click on Internet Tools 'every visit to the page'.
When I delete the pages completely off the server using a FTP program, I still can see the old pages and not a message telling me they don't exist.
I have deleted all my temp. internet files and still I see the old ones.
It only seems to clear over night when I switch the PC on the next morning.
My os is W98.
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks for reading.

  VoG II 09:12 04 May 2005

Try running CleanUp! click here

  DieSse 10:28 04 May 2005

It may not be your system at all. When you upload to the server, the upload does not necessarily go directly into your web space. I've known it to take several hours with some ISPs to get from their "upload space" to your actual files.

A way to check this is to leave your system on after an update, and check some hours later. If it's still a problem - then it's probably your system - if it's not, then it's at their end and just a function of the way they do their updating. Or they may have caching/proxies, which take some time to flush out.

Another test is, after an upload, check the pages on a different system (get a friend to do it).

  Teasle 19:26 04 May 2005

Thank you for your replies.

I downloaded Cleanup and was amazed at the number of temporary internet files still on my system so thank you for that tip.

Having re-looked at my pages later in the day they had changed to the updated ones so it looks as though DieSse you are right in the fact there is a delay with my ISP. I don't know why they didn't suggest that when I first took the query up with them. I'm going to contact them about it.
I will also try the friend thing tonight too.
Warm regards to you both.

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