Problem with burning rectangle print as an oval

  jakimo 17:50 01 Jun 2010

I'm designing a DVD label,and a rectangle print I want to use as part of the design would look better on the disc as an oval,but when bunted to disc the oval pic shows a white border where it has been cropped from a rectangle....any suggestions how I can get around this?

  wiz-king 17:58 01 Jun 2010

Use a white background - simples *grin*

  jakimo 18:38 01 Jun 2010

tried it-don't work

  mfletch 18:48 01 Jun 2010

What are you using to create the CD cover

Can you create a oval canvas

  Pineman100 19:01 01 Jun 2010

It seems to me that an oval is never going to be a perfect fit on a round disk. If the maximum dimension of the oval is a whisker less than the diameter of the disk, then the smaller dimension of the oval will always leave a gap between itself and the edge of the disk.

Or have I misunderstood you?

  lotvic 22:50 01 Jun 2010

What program are you using to make the oval pic from the rectangular picture?

You should look at the options in prog to make an oval (eclipse) selection and then paste it as a transparent selection. Have a look at the pre-set shapes in tools and then choose shape before you select, copy, paste as transparent.

(Not an expert at it but just managed it in my old Paint Shop 7. It's like when you make a collage picture up)

  jakimo 12:15 04 Jun 2010

The software to create & print the disc is Epson CD print CD......

the disc is a mix of video & audio,with the whole disc having a scenic background

the problem oval pic is only 40x69mm and I have tried croppng the original in Photoshop elements7,paint,& Photosuite 7,but still get the white area of the original rectangle show on the disc before it was cropped

  mfletch 13:50 04 Jun 2010

Its the canvas you have to crop that is the white area

  Pineman100 14:21 04 Jun 2010

mfeltch is on the right track.

In Photoshop, if you crop the layer called Background (which is normally automatically locked) you'll end up with your cropped shape on a white background.

But if you do the following, you'll end up with your shape on a transparent background:-

1. Open your file. In the Layers pallet, drag and drop the Background layer on to the New Layer button (or click the Layer menu, then click Duplicate Layer). This will give you a new layer that is called by default "Background Copy".

2. Now drag and drop the original Background layer into the waste bin (or highlight it, then click Layer>Delete>Layer).

3. Now crop your ellipse (oval) as you want it. The rectangular background should then appear as a checkerboard. This indicates that it is transparent, and won't print as anything.

This should solve your problem.

  jakimo 13:45 05 Jun 2010

Thanks for the solution to my problem,I must admit Ive always struggled a bit with layers and Photoshop..........I can now get on with my disc masterpiece

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