Problem burning cds

  astral traveller 20:54 31 Oct 2003

I have been copying files to cdrs (datawrite and monkeymedia) successfully using xp drag and drop and Media player. I have bought some new cds (unbranded) and can't successfully record at all - the disc closes before it has finished recording or copying the files. I have had them replaced with aother pack (unbranded) with the same results. I stil have a few datawrite cds left and they still burn okay. I have tried an independent copying program - NTI cd maker deluxe but it doesn't list any cd drive in the target drive box - presumably my drive is unsupported - same with Nero. Is there any reason why I can burn to one type of cd okay and not another? and should I return the cds again or is it my system that is at fault.
Xp home, 2000 megahertz AMD Pentium III, 512MB Ram
ARTEC WRR-4848 [CD-ROM drive].

  BillyBee 20:59 31 Oct 2003

this can happen, different writers prefer certain disks, when you find a make of disk that works for you stick with it.


  kinger 21:41 31 Oct 2003

NTI CD maker gave me the same problem but Nero was fine (are you on latest version of Nero)

Never use unbranded discs, they're a waste of money in my experience. Use well know makes. I know it costs more but you save in the long run by not throwing so many into the shredder.

Take the discs back and swap them for a known brand by paying the extra.

  astral traveller 09:15 01 Nov 2003

Will send them back - I did request a different type (datawrite) when I sent them back last time but they sent the same ones - I will have to insist this time - or a refund.

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