Problem With BT Voyager 2500V

  Alex_Neville 14:07 04 Jun 2006

I have been having this problem for some time now, and it has pretty much rendered my laptop useless seeing as the main reason that I purchased it was in order to access the internet freely around my house.

What happens is, the wireless LED on the router VERY rarely actually comes on. When I check in the router manager, there is no option to turn on the wireless. Even when I use the inbuild troubleshooting, there is not even a mention of wireless.

However, on the rare occasion that the wireless connection does turn on, I am able to connect from my laptop, but the connection drops after a short period of time (from memory, the whole connection drops; on my main pc and the laptop), and then I have to reboot the router. This solves the problem with the USB connection to the main pc (i.e I am able to connect to the internet from there) but then the same problem of the wireless not coming on again.

If anyone knows of a solution to this problem, it would be much appreciated, as at the moment, the £700 that I have spent on my laptop has been pretty much wasted.


  Forum Editor 16:48 04 Jun 2006

of the router you're using?

From what you say it sounds as if the router is establishing the broadband connection, but isn't broadcasting it wirelessly - is that about it? Presumably you can connect to the internet via your laptop if you use a cable connection to the router?

  jpad 10:13 26 Jun 2006

I too have a Voyager 2500V. The wireless part works fine for me. The only problems I've had are if I have other electronic equipment within a few inches of the 2500V. I did have my phone base unit right next to it, and got intermittent broadband connection. When I moved the base unit about two feet away the problem went away.

So try to be sure there is nothing electronic within about a foot of the 2500V. e.g. don't stand it on top of your computer.

I hope this might help you.


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