Problem with Browser Hi jack AOL broadband gold

  FatboySlim71 10:31 14 Aug 2004

I have AOL 9 Broadband gold and Windows XP,The problem I have been having ever since getting broadband is that when im surfing I will be on a web site and the name of that web site will be in the place where you enter the web site address,the next thing is that changes to a different address and another window opens which contains the unwanted adverts,I have only had this problem since getting broadband.I have the free Mcafee firewall which you can download with broadband gold,I also run Spybot search and destroy and Adaware SE daily but when these programs find any adware the next time I surf the same thing happens.

  Androcles 10:43 14 Aug 2004

Download this at click here - Browser Hijack Blaster v1.0 Regards.

  feb 10:45 14 Aug 2004

Have you set the AOL browser to block popups? Middle button at the bottom of the window.

  FatboySlim71 11:39 14 Aug 2004

I have downloaded Browser hi jack blaster and will see if it solves the problem

  FatboySlim71 19:24 16 Aug 2004

I have pop ups blocked on my browser,I have downloaded Browser hi jack blaster but am still getting my browser hi jacked,does this program just work when you are using Internet explorer as your browser.

  Androcles 20:22 16 Aug 2004

Browser Hijack is usually used to sort out IE.I use Mozilla Firefox myself.Try this one click here
SpywareGuard Regards.

  Androcles 20:26 16 Aug 2004

You might want to consider using Mozilla as your default browser.

  FatboySlim71 20:55 16 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help Ill try what you have suggested and see if if sorts it.

  FatboySlim71 12:29 18 Aug 2004

I have tried all of the above apart from making mozilla my default browser as I have gotten used to AOL 9,and I am still getting the browser hi jacks anyone suggest anything further that might help.

  Graham ® 13:02 18 Aug 2004

Try Coolwebshredder click here

  FatboySlim71 10:45 19 Aug 2004

I have already tried coolwebshredder earlier but I was still getting my browser hi jacked,and when I ran Coolwebshredder it said my system was clean.Have you got to have Internet Explorer as your internet browser for these programs to work,as I am using AOL 9 as my browser.I can be surfing and a window will be open and the name of that web site will be in the place where you enter the web address towards the top of the page then that will change to another address and another window will open behind the one I already have open with an advert,curzor gismo or dating or max theatre or several other ones.Anyone suggest anything that maybe of help thanks.

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