Problem Booting Windows 98

  [DELETED] 11:14 31 Mar 2003

When i boot my Windows 98 machine i get an error saying

"Boot Failure
Boot and select proper boot device
or insert Boot media in selected Boot Device
Press any key when ready"

Once i press the any key windows 98 loads and works as normal. But i just want to get rid of this error message at the start. Hope you can help me.


  [DELETED] 11:18 31 Mar 2003

Run Scan Disk and Defrag the system sounds like you have a poss corrupt boot file.

  [DELETED] 11:21 31 Mar 2003

ok cheers anybody else got any ideas just about to try that

  zanwalk 11:32 31 Mar 2003

One possibility is that your hard drive is a little 'lazy' in spinning up to speed, this could mean it is nearing the end of it's life, although that is only a possibility, however, it would be wise to ensure that you have everything backed up of course. There may be a setting in the BIOS to change giving the HD more time to get up to speed, check and see, it will be under the boot section if it is there.

  [DELETED] 11:34 31 Mar 2003

Sounds like the HDD isnt set as first boot device in Bios and it reads/floppy/cd-drive first,might not be but worth a look.


  [DELETED] 11:35 31 Mar 2003

P.S.also check the isnt a floppy disk in A drive lol.

  [DELETED] 11:41 31 Mar 2003

i have checked that the first boot device is c:\ and that there is no disk in the a:\ LOL. But this is a new computer so i dont think that the hard disk drive is at its end of its life.

  [DELETED] 11:42 31 Mar 2003

How New?? If very new take it back under the warranty

  [DELETED] 11:48 31 Mar 2003

week old

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