Problem booting up - 'no bios installed'

  [DELETED] 17:58 12 Apr 2006

I have an 2.00GHz AMD Athlon 64 3000+ running WIN XP +SP2 adn 512Mb memory.I tried booting up today after shutting down my PC for a couple of hours and I got messages including 'No bios installed'. Eventually it asked for a boot disc. Then I pressed Ctrl + del and, lo and behold, it booted up OK. About three months ago I reinstalled WIN XP + SP2 without reformatting the disc and it has been working OK till this problem today.
What boot disc do I need, or how do I make one please? I'm afraid to shut down in case it happens again!

  Diemmess 19:24 12 Apr 2006

All PCs very occasionaly fail to boot (for some random glitch) and a reboot then behaves as normal.

The message gives a clue 'No bios installed' which if true means the BIOS chip has failed, and not much more can be done.

You have to bite the bullet sooner or later and switch off.

It may as I hope not bother you again and if it does, then you may have to do special things depending on how the error message settles down.

Before you switch off, just check that the system time and date make sense. If they don't then you probably need a new motherboard battery anyway.

  [DELETED] 20:24 12 Apr 2006

I sometimes get the "BIOS is not installed" message with my Asus m/b, which I have always taken to mean that I haven't configured the BIOS for RAID, though the m/b does support RAID. I always ignore it and it continues to boot up OK.

  [DELETED] 21:18 12 Apr 2006

I have a Asus K8VSE M/B with Athlon 3000+. Everytime I start the computer I get the message that no BIOS is installed. However it boots up fine every time.

I believe it is as rmcqua says regarding the RAID facility not being configured.


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