problem on boot up

  Astrid 10:52 02 Sep 2009

Hi -

I run Windows XP SP3 on my computer, and the installed Ashampoo HDD software says my hard drive is in good condition. But for three mornings running, on boot up my computer stalls at the Windows XP screen and then switches off. I try restart, but the computer is totally dead. I switch off at the mains, switch on again, boot up again and the second time it's ok. The way it happens seems like a warning of more serious trouble, although for the rest of the day (until next boot up) everything works fine. Any suggestions welcome.

  johndrew 14:35 02 Sep 2009

When you say, "stalls at the Windows XP screen", what exactly do you mean? Does it get to the `Welcome` screen, do you get to the loading screen (the one with the moving bar in it) or do you get to a blue screen with perhaps writing on it?

Have you left the PC on for any length of time to see if it does start?

When it "switches off" does the screen go black or is there an indication of signal? What do the power and HDD lights (normally green and red respectively) show during the start to switching off sequence?

Have you tried booting from a CD/DVD such as your XP disk? If not you try this to see if it boots satisfactorily as it will eliminate a lot of possibilities.

  Astrid 15:00 02 Sep 2009

The screen it gets to is the Windows XP screen, no further, not as far as the Welcome screen.

There are lights at first, but then they go off and there's no sign of power at all.

I haven't tried booting from the CD, could do this if it goes on. Up to now, I've simply switched off at the mains, waited a few moments and then tried again. It always boots ok the second time.

Thank you for suggestions.

  Pineman100 15:32 02 Sep 2009

Is this a laptop or a desktop?

If it's a laptop, are the startup problems happening on battery power or mains power?

  Technotiger 15:35 02 Sep 2009

If it is a desktop, I would suspect the PSU is about to snuff-it.

  johndrew 15:43 02 Sep 2009

It sounds like an OS (software) problem. Possibly a file corrupted.

I would suggest you try a sfc /scannow click here as a first move.

If this fails you should try a Repair click here. You will need your XP CD and Key for this. You may also need some drivers and other software loaded using the motherboard support CD.

Both the above take some time and you will need to be patient whilst they run their course.

  johndrew 15:45 02 Sep 2009

I`m not a techie, but why would the PC "always boots ok the second time" if the PSU is failing?

  Technotiger 15:47 02 Sep 2009

I can't answer that specifically, but I do know that I had a very similar occurrence with my own PC/PSU some years ago. Changing the PSU solved my problem.

I had the same problem. It was due to me overclocking the CPU a RAM. Once I reset the Bios everything was fine again.

  Pineman100 19:39 02 Sep 2009

Astrid wrote "There are lights at first, but then they go off and there's no sign of power at all."

I suspect this is what made Technotiger (and me) suspect that this may be an intermittent power problem. If it's a desktop, then the PSU could be dodgy; if it's a laptop then perhaps the battery or the mains connection ditto.

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