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is this a problem with the battery ?

  davecartman 08:20 18 Sep 2019

Hi My laptop battery icon is showing fully charged 100% but if I switch the mains cable off at the socket the laptop immediately shuts down and on turning the mains back on and starting up the message ' system has shut down'etc,appears with the three alternative startups safe mode, normal etc, Laptop is a Toshiba satellite pro with windows 7. If I leave it plugged in there are no problems and if I sleep it, it starts again with a touch of the space bar but only if the power is left on. Any pointers as to the cause would be appreciated.

  wee eddie 10:33 18 Sep 2019

This may be obvious to you, but you haven't said.

Does your laptop work on battery power alone? Say, when you're out and about and just turn it on, without going anywhere near the mains?

  davecartman 10:43 18 Sep 2019

Hi wee eddie, no it does not if I press the power button without the mains connection the laptop is dead. I have shut down and removed the battery, plugged into the main and the laptop starts fine. the battery icon then shows there is no battery connected but if I replace the battery it then shows again that the battery is fully charged at 100%. I don't have a spare battery to try.

  alanrwood 16:32 18 Sep 2019

2 possibilities.

  1. The battery is faulty
  2. The charging circuitry in the laptop has gone faulty.

If you know someone who has a similar laptop maybe you could borrow their battery to check out which it is.

  davecartman 08:10 22 Sep 2019

Got a new battery, put it on and all was well so the answer to my question was yes the battery had completely failed. Thanks for replies.

  Govan1x 08:42 22 Sep 2019

davecartman. Just been looking at repairing laptop batteries.

Very interesting as you have to take it apart and usually two of the inner batteries do not charge properly.

A bit complicated but all you have to do is replace the 2 batteries that are not charging properly for 2 that does.

A bit of soldering etc is required.

All it is ,it has 6 or eight pencil batteries inside just have a look in youtube and it shows how to check for the bad ones.

And here was I thinking the battery we use was solid. Interesting if you like to dabble.

  alanrwood 08:53 22 Sep 2019

Hi Govan1x What you are suggesting is not recommended. The batteries are usually surrounded by safety sensors and placement is important. Also the batteries are usually welded together rather than soldered which is much more reliable and safe.

  compumac 09:57 22 Sep 2019

I am talking may years ago, I have had quite a number of laptops and had battery problems. I had a local company that would disassemble the laptop battery and replace the problem cells at a far, far better price than buying a new battery. Albeit time moves on and this might no longer be a viable proposition.

  Govan1x 10:08 22 Sep 2019

I suppose it is like anything you fix that has broken down there will always be the niggle in your mind that you have not done it right.

This is one of those that you probably could not do as well as when it was made.

But it always works out the same if you can afford a new one buy one. batteries are not that expensive.

But there is no more enjoyment when you can fix things that are broken.

I am not a tradesman but can do a bit of plumbing and electrical work. Why. because it is cheaper, same with cars you don't put it in the garage if you can fix it yourself.

If something is fixable why throw it out.

Fire risk if not done right Possibly,

Anyhow just thought that it would have been of interest some of the do it yourself brigade.

Like you say probably better buying a new one, but nothing wrong with seeing if you can get the broken one to work.

It so happens that my grand daughters battery is knacked so was thinking of investigating the inside to see how easy or hard it would be. And you are correct I would never put something on her computer that could be dangerous so will be getting her a new one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:40 22 Sep 2019


I have had a dabble at this with old laptops the hardest part seems to be opening the casing :0)

  compumac 10:55 22 Sep 2019

From my personal point of view, I always think of repair before thinking of new. Not always practical of course, but just the way I am.

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