Problem backing up 2nd Disk using DVD Shrink 3.1

  DJ-Garry 16:38 16 Sep 2004

I use DVD Shrink to back-up my own DVD's so the kids won't destroy the originals. I'm having problems with some of the 2 disk versions of some films. When Shrink has analised the disk, it comes up at 74% compression for all items but there is too much information to fit on a 4.7Gb disk and the sliders are as far to the left as they will go so switching to custom ratio has no effect. The main thing though is that there is either no picture, audio seems ok or a green screen for all titles. I have tried backing just the main movie titles to HDD which if ok would fit on a DVD-R but when played of the HDD using Power DVD I get either black screen with audio or very distorted, jerky picture and bad sound.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks Garry.

  antoni34 17:34 16 Sep 2004

All you need to do is put the original disk in your DVD drive.
Then back up the disk and it will automatically read the disk and when finished it automatically calculated the compression ratio etc

  DJ-Garry 17:47 16 Sep 2004

This normally does work. I have done dozens of disks that way. Whats happening is that occasionally and only with the second disk of two disk movies, I am getting the problem as above as if the disks are coded diffently or something. Can anyone shead light on this please ?????????


  Rwstill 19:03 16 Sep 2004

You don't need dvd shrink to back up your own dvds just a prgrame like nero 6, and just copy your dvds its not copy protected and don't need compressing, if it's to long to fit onto a
one dvd use two discs.


  DJ-Garry 19:24 16 Sep 2004

When I say my own DVDs I mean ones I own that I have bought, not my home video collrection. The ones I have had trouble with include the 2nd disk of Superman The Movie and Independance Day (Special Edition). Does anyone know if 2nd (extra featuures) disks are coded differently or have special copy protection other than the usual Macrovision???
Cheers, Garry.

  nick_j007 20:59 16 Sep 2004

click here

A few 'how to's' on the link above.

More details here; hopefully not too complicated...

click here

click here

click here

Might be a simple solution here: click here

And if that's not enough here's a simple guide:

click here



  DJ-Garry 22:12 17 Sep 2004

Thanks for all the links nick_j007.
Some useful but none cured the problem.

antoni34 did though. Just upgrading to version 3.2 cured it and has given me some extra fetures too.

Many thanks to all of you, Garry.

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