Problem with background pop ups

  Bruz 13:01 14 Dec 2007

For one day only let Windows media player 10 access the Internet and I am now regretting it.
I cannot get rid of the security scanner adverts, they do not come on the top of the images like usual pop ups they come in the background whn you try to close the browser.
I have tried Addaware, spybot, I have pestpatrol running in the background, mempatrol, cookypatrol and for good measure I used Housecall.
While housecall was working the pop ups kept coming in and when I closed it down there they were. The security one takes a while to close down.
Got any Ideas PLEASE!!!!

  mfletch 13:04 14 Dec 2007

Hi, Download SAS Superantispyware and run a full scan,

Check for any updates first,

The FREE one/ click here


  Clapton is God 13:07 14 Dec 2007

You seemed to have everything except a pop-up blocker.

If using XP have you enabled it?

  Bruz 16:06 14 Dec 2007

Thanks mfletch that appears to have done the trick!! No pop ups while scanning and so far none since.
Yes Clapton is God, I have enabled XP Pro popup blocker and in the last 3 months it has blocked 3595 popups.
The ones that come up on the browser screen that is. These sneeky little so aned so's only show them selves when you exit the browser.
Cheers for both your input.

  Bruz 16:08 14 Dec 2007

As I closed down this program I got another popup behind the browser.
Cheers Bruz

  johnnyrocker 16:15 14 Dec 2007

system restore to before the problem?


  Coffee Adict 16:25 14 Dec 2007

I know what you mean, this pesky little blighters get in somehow under the radar, and as you say you don't know they are there until you close your browser, only happened to me a couple of times fortunately.

  mfletch 16:32 14 Dec 2007

Hi, Try running SAS again but this time in safe mode,

Delete all temp Internet files and all cookies,

If they are still there try using SmitfraudFix,

Please follow the instructions,

click here

Also what is the name of the security pop up?


  Bruz 17:20 14 Dec 2007

Thanks again for your input, I have found the culprit a little item placed on my hard drive by a Anti spyware software company it resides in C:|Programs\ and its name WAS askbar its now call takbar. The three files it added formed a screen similar to microsoft's security screen and it threatened to shut down windows if you did not instal an anti spy ware program.
I down loaded their program and ran it, that told me where they had put the spy ware, hence the name change. Their program is long gone.
Cheers Bruz

  mfletch 17:26 14 Dec 2007

Hi, Thank;s for the reply but I don;t think you should have downloaded anything from them it;s a scam


  Bruz 21:13 15 Dec 2007

The solution was restore to a ghost backup of my C drive dated 31/10/2007. I lost a little data but I finally nailed it.
The file name was spyware-secure. The firewall allows it because it comes into the PC via Internet Explorer and it appears to be part of the Windows Security set up.
Thanks for all your help.

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