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  ponytail 10:21 19 Feb 2013

Not sure if I ask about this on here butwill try.I ordered something from Amazon But when I checked my bank statement I saw I had been charged too much.Have tried to get in touch with the seller but no joy.Amazon say as it came from a third party I should contact the seller which I have tried to do.I would like to get in touch with Amazon direct by email but am unable to find anyway of doing that and wondered if anyone on here could advise

  HenryF75 10:48 19 Feb 2013

You should have had an e mail confirming your order which contains contact info. Check your spam if you do not see it normally.

  northumbria61 12:43 19 Feb 2013

Ponytail - contact for Amazon - from your Account Page you will need to click on Your Orders to select the order you wish to query with Amazon - then click on Help at top left of page - then under Many Customers want to know about click How to Contact Customer Service - in Contact Box select Contact Us - you will have 3 options on that page ie; E-Mail, Phone, Chat. Make it plain that you have tried contacting the seller direct but have had no response.

  ponytail 15:14 19 Feb 2013

Hi northumbria have got as far as the three options ie email,phone or chat but none of them are highlighted and if I click on email I get the following message Please describe your issue First answer the short questions above the choose your prefered contact method by clicking the email,phone or chat button what do they mean by the short questions not sure about question one question two select an issue and I chose payment issue question three how would you like to contact us none of the buttons is highlighted

  Woolwell 15:15 19 Feb 2013

The email that you should have received would also have confirmed the price/payment. You haven't by any chance forgotten to add delivery costs?

  ponytail 15:39 19 Feb 2013

Hi woolwell this is what happened on checking me bank statement yesterday there was a debit for £40.00 to a company called go-cardless which I do not recognise my Amazon payment should have been £34.95 and there has been no payment for that amount been taken since xmas or beyond.I think that £40..00 was the payment for what I ordered from Amazon.The third party company who supplied me is called Tool-Genius they cant tell me how they would be listed on my bank statement they say only Amazon can tell me that.Any ideas it is not a fortune just £5.05 it is just the principle.

  ponytail 15:42 19 Feb 2013

Just found this on google

  Woolwell 15:53 19 Feb 2013

I think that you need to speak to your bank urgently. You have a payment to someone you haven't knowingly ordered from for an amount that you do not recognise. There is a possibility of fraud.

  ponytail 15:59 19 Feb 2013

Hi woolwell just sent a email to a company called Gocardless about this and this is their reply.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sending us an email. We always like it when people get in touch. We’ll take a look and get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again The FreeAgent Team

FreeAgent Central Ltd 40 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8JB

Registered in Scotland SC316774. VAT Registration Number 916386308.

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I only use a old bank account when I buy online there is only a bit of money in it and when I place a order I just transfer enough from my main bank account to pay for what I have ordered.Another thing the payment due to Amazon has still been taken and I received two weeks ago.I still believe the £40 was the payment for what I ordered and it was a free delivery

  lotvic 22:29 19 Feb 2013

Didn't you get an order auto-confirm email from Amazon when you placed the order? that should have had the full details of your order and prices on it. Then you should have an email from Amazon to say it had been dispatched. From the seller you should also have had an email with details of your order.

Any contact with the seller is best done via your account - from memory I think you click on the seller in your Order History (I think you then get a 'contact seller' option) and email them through that so that it has to go through Amazon and there is a proper record kept in case of dispute.

  spuds 09:04 20 Feb 2013

Its becoming more noticeable that Amazon are becoming less interested in resolving issues with their MarketPlace (third party) sellers. You will need to contact the seller direct via your purchase order or Amazon account.

But having said that, it would seem that (if they have taken payment?) are similar to Novex, who are basically payment takers and providers. So in other words, it is possible that a forth party as become involved in this transaction, which could complicate things even further, especially if there are administration fees applicable.

Perhaps a chat with Trading Standards or CAB might resolve the matter, if all else fails?.

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