Problem after installing windows on my new pc!

  DGaming 01:48 21 Nov 2015

I just built my pc and installed Windows .. but my monitor flashes from black screen to normal every1 second .. And the only way to stop it is to increase the refresh rate of the monitor .. that is how I fixed on my old pc where I was using this monitor ... When I plugged the pc with this monitor and I boot it flashes and won't stop ...every second .. I went to change refresh rate but it's set to 64 Hz and no other option... Also the res is set to really low one .. And I don't have the option to click and change the resolution. Also when I go to the device manager and even in the dxdiag .. it says under display: Microsoft basic display adapter... it doesnt recongnise my gtx 970 or something? Please help me! Thank you :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 21 Nov 2015

10 has a tendency not to load some drivers during the upgrade and black or flashing screen is one of the symptoms of missing graphics drivers. (happens a lot with nvidea)

sometimes a device manage - scan for new hardware will get it to install the driver or you may have to download and install it. while your in there have aloook to see if its loaded the wireless and Lan drivers or you may have to download via another machine.

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