problem after installing blaster worm fix

  [DELETED] 10:10 27 Aug 2003

I never actually had the virus but I installed the patch so I wouldn't get it. I installed it on my XP laptop and PC and connect to the net using NTL broadband. Since I installed this patch I haven't been able to access some websites. If I try to log onto hotmail I can enter my email address and pasword click ok, then get the security warning up and then I just get the error page that the page cannot be displayed. Ebay does exactly the same and so does the ntl webmail. The windows update page loads, scans for updates find them, then if I try to select any of the options on the left, windows updates, critical updates etc. then I get the same error page. It isn't my IE secuirty settings as I have tryed setting the all to default and the lowest they go without any effect. I haven't found this problem to efftect other secure sites like paypal as I have been able to log on and use the site fine. Any ideas on what has happened or what I can do to solve the problem? I have tryed rolling back the PC to a date before the patch was installed with no luck and reinstalled the patch as well.

  [DELETED] 13:59 27 Aug 2003

please anyone? I don't really fancy doing a reinstall of windows

  [DELETED] 14:05 27 Aug 2003

Can you try to reinstall IE?

  [DELETED] 14:06 27 Aug 2003

I did what U thought, I had problems to(Xp home), tried everything people said, but nothing worked. Nightmare. I had to format & reinstall. click here There R some links that may help U there. Good luck. Shaun

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