Problem after adding second email account

  cjh555 20:05 28 Aug 2005

After setting up a second email account on Outlook (the original is Tiscali, the new one is with Onetel) I've had a problem whereby I can receive e-mails sent to my Tiscali account, but can't send. And I can send e-mails from my Onetel account, but can't receive them.

I've checked all settings against those listed on the respective ISP websites and the 'test' function on Outlook always returns a sucessful result.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 28 Aug 2005

To send emails you need to enter the smtp server details of the ISP to which you are connected. That might be why you can't send.

Most ISPs will allow you to collect mail via any other ISP but it may be that Onetel does not allow this.

With whom are you connected?

  cjh555 20:12 28 Aug 2005

connected through Onetel broadband

  Diodorus Siculus 20:13 28 Aug 2005

If you are connected to Onetel but can't receive mail, it may be that you have made a mistake with usernames / passwords etc. Check that you have not used capitals where you should not have.

  cjh555 20:14 28 Aug 2005

have triple checked the settings and as I say when I use the 'test account settings' feature on Outlook it returns a sucessful test.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 28 Aug 2005

I'm lost then...

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 28 Aug 2005

Unless you want to delete the accounts and set them up again. For Tiscali, be sure to enter the Onetel smtp server details.

  Terry Brown 20:33 28 Aug 2005

Are you using the same passwords for both accounts, as this can cause problems.

  cjh555 20:45 28 Aug 2005

No. Two different passwords.

  cjh555 20:46 28 Aug 2005

No. Two different passwords.

  cjh555 20:48 28 Aug 2005

No. Two different passwords.

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