Problem with Advent laptop - overheating?

  mybrightidea 02:47 20 Jan 2010

Hiya wondering if anyone can help me - I've got an advent 8112 laptop I've had it I think about 18 months/2 years and I use it A LOT even after only having it a few months it would occasionally just turn off and I didn't why but it's getting so regular now that its just not usable - I can't watch tv on it be it iplayer/4od/youtube etc or watch dvds or play music - after anything from a few seconds to a few minutes it just dies on me.

I did notice that it always gets hot quite quickly and after a quick scout around it seems that overheating is quite a common problem with this model.

I've taken the back/bottom pannel off and am currently running it like that and although it's still quite hot its a lot better so does this mean that it definately is an overheating problem? And if so is there anything I can do other than running it without the back on forever because its hardly practical and surely its going to get damaged.

So basically I'm asking is it a problem I can fix at all? I'm not overly techie minded but I'm willing to have a go or could it be as simple as ivesting in a cooling mat or something?

  howard64 06:50 20 Jan 2010

it does sound like overheating. Use a vacuum to clean around the air vents. If possible feel around the vents to ensure that air is being blown out. This would show if the fans were running if not get someone to open it and see if the fans could be replaced.

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