Problem adding a new hard drive

  knocker3 14:10 25 Jun 2005

I recently ran out of space on my 40gb hard drive so a friend installed an additional 160gb external drive.We called this drive "F",and put all movie downloads on it.
My problem is that my C drive is still full.I removed certain programmes like Emule and Limewire from C and re-installed them on F.But still my C drive is at 39 out of 40gb full.
Was there a better way of adding the new hard drive?
Is there any way I can create more space on C?

Any help/advice/suggestions most welcome.


  Klof Ron 14:16 25 Jun 2005

The best solution would be to back up everything you want to keep to "F", and then reformat and re-install the OS to "C", If you go down this road it would be worthwhile obtaining a larger drive to use as "C", or if possible remove the larger drive fronm it's casing and swopping it with the smaller drive.

  jack 14:27 25 Jun 2005

Transferring Programs will not save you space,
They MUST be in the primary drive 'C'

Transfer only data [docs,images,sounds, etc] to the 'storage' drive.

In transferring them you must CUT and PASTE.

Copying data over will do just that plant, a copy in the new drive whilst maintaining originals on the main.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 25 Jun 2005

Before you try the suggestion from Klof Ron,

1. is the external drive in caddy?

2. will your BIOS recognize the 160G drive?

If so, clone your "c:\ drive to the F:\ drive using something like Powermax or Acronis.

Swap drives and windows should boot from the newly cloned version.

You can then run the old drive as the or as a secondary on the same IDE cable and keep as a back up.

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