Problem activating Windows XP

  astral traveller 23:29 26 Jan 2003

I have tried to activate windows xp via the internet but keep getting the message that the product key is not recognised. I thought I would be able to sort this with a quick call to the microsoft 0800 number but was told "nope you'll have to go back to the manufacturer" - I'm sure the guy on the 'phone thought I was trying to install an unauthorised copy! I have triple checked product key number (on a sticker on the side of the PC) and I am certain I have typed it in correctly. I have emailed the manufacturer and I am waiting a reply. I'm a bit worried that they will say that the product key they supplied is the right one - in which case am I up the swanny? Anyone else had a similar problem?

  powerless 23:35 26 Jan 2003

Don't confuse an "O" with a "0" Easy to do...

Don't confuse an "8" with a "B" Easy to do...

Don't confuse an "2" with a "Z" Easy to do...

Do it again and it shoudl work...

Worst case scenrio the product key sticker is on the wrong system.

  VoG™ 23:41 26 Jan 2003

flecc posted about this within the last fortnight. Unfortunately I cannot find the thread.

  astral traveller 23:43 26 Jan 2003

Thanks, I have absolutely checked - no mistakes - even got the wife to check the number and type it in - no go. It looks like worst case scenario.

  bvw in bristol 23:49 26 Jan 2003

I've gone back 10 pages and can't find the thread :o(

  powerless 23:49 26 Jan 2003
  VoG™ 23:51 26 Jan 2003

Me too :o(((((

  Forum Editor 23:52 26 Jan 2003

but are you sure you're using the correct number?

The WinXP registration code consists of five groups of five alpha-numeric characters. If you have a sticker with these groups on it and Microsoft doesn't recognise the product key there's obviously something very wrong. If this is a new computer you must get the manufacturer to sort the problem out - it's their responsibility under the terms of their OEM licence.

  VoG™ 23:55 26 Jan 2003

flecc posted about a similar problem very recently. The Mfr put the wrong sticker on the case. If your search facility is better than mine you will find it and therein the solution.

  astral traveller 23:59 26 Jan 2003

5 sets of alpha numeric numbers - except the last set are all alpha no numbers. I have emailed the manufacturer and sent a photograph of the product key - I knew my digital camera would come in useful - I await with trepidation.

  astral traveller 00:04 27 Jan 2003

Thanks - I followed your link and downloaded the program and got the product key - it is the one that I have been typing in but Microsoft insist it is unauthorised? I am getting more worried.

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