Problem with Acronis True Image Home v 9.0 and Boo

  Nosmas 00:39 13 Sep 2006

My system is WXP Home - SP2 (fully up to date), AVG Free anti-virus and Sygate Personal Firewall.

When I upgraded my system (new motherboard, replaced 10GB Fujitsu HDD with WD 80GB HDD and added WD 80GB External HDD USB2) about 15 months ago I divided the new HDD into 5 partitions and labelled them W98SE, WXPMAIN, WXPTEST, DATA PARTN (M:) and XPIMAGES (N:) and formatted each partition FAT32 using Partition Magic. One of the first three partitions becomes drive C: and the other two are hidden according to which OS to boot into is selected from Boot Magic. The multi-booting under BM has been running without any problems since the upgrade. Recently I re-installed the Fujitsu HDD, deleted all the contents and re-formatted the entire disk FAT32.

I recently purchased a boxed copy of ATI and when I found it was Build 2302 I downloaded and installed the latest Build 3677. Subsequently I successfully made full images of WXPMAIN and Drive M: onto folders on the External HDD. I then wanted to test the Restore function, but in case anything ‘went wrong’ I did not want to restore to and overwrite the main OS on WXPMAIN, but wanted to prove what can be done if a disaster strikes, rather than wait till the disaster is upon me, so I restored to the Fujitsu disk - i.e. the restored image was all that was on the disk. I then configured BM (including Options > Advanced Partition Hiding in order to boot from a partition that is NOT on the FIRST HDD) to include the OS on the Fujitsu in its menu as XPBackup, but when I selected that option on a reboot it failed to boot up and went into a cycle of starting the boot process but failing to boot into the selected option.

Researching the problem led me to these threads: - click here , click here and click here and from my understanding of the points discussed I deduced that my problem might be resolved if the image was restored to a disk, the layout of which ‘mimicked’ that of the disk from which the image was first made. So with the aid of PM I created ‘dummy’ small but empty partitions on the Fujitsu, one before and three after the position occupied by the restored image. Unfortunately this made no difference and BM behaved in exactly the same way i.e. recycling through the boot process.

As an aside to the main problem, one annoying feature of ATI is that it insists on changing the label of the target restore partition to that of the imaged partition so that one ends up with an identically labelled partition on BOTH HDD’s. If NOT restoring to the original partition it would be useful to have the option of cancelling the change of name.

Has anyone experienced similar problems to those related above and found a solution? If not are there any suggestions for testing the restore procedure WITHOUT overwriting the partition from which the image was made?

  Nosmas 11:19 13 Sep 2006

Bump. Any ideas out there please?

  Nosmas 19:59 14 Sep 2006

Bump again! Any Acronis users out there please?

  keverne 21:15 14 Sep 2006

Try asking in the Acronis forum click here

  Nosmas 21:32 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have already posted my problem in the Acronis forum and click here. I have also sent a message to Acronis Support asking them to take a look at my post. Unfortunately they tend to be rather slow in answering problems and are always apologising for the delay!

  woodchip 22:07 14 Sep 2006

I use Acronis Disk Director Suit 10. And Acronis True Image 9 I do not have problems like you. My life and Hard Drive are much simpler. I have one Desktop runs Win98se that's this one. And a XP Desktop used for Video. and a XP Laptop to take away with me to copy Video and Photos to. All Imaged

  Nosmas 01:18 15 Sep 2006

I don't have any real problems running my system normally. My present problem is entirely my inability to TEST the Acronis restore procedure. This something that anyone would surely wish to do, especially when using software that is new to them, and is something I have seen recommended many times. I don't want to risk trying to restore the image to the partition from which it was made in case something 'goes wrong' and I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle! All I want to do is find a way of booting from the image I have restored to my second HDD.

  woodchip 10:31 15 Sep 2006

I can nearly say nothing will go wrong, If you do it strait after making the image. If you want to make sure that the Image is OK do not run the check backup in Acronis as I think it as a Bug that as not been fixed. This is what you want to do. Create two Images at the same time with a different name just alter it by one letter so you know what is what. you can then test the Image it will just overwrite the existing drive, if the Image is corrupt you have the second to restore from. But Cannot remember ever having a Problem with it. It is good practise to do as you say, but me must be too trusting as I never do

  woodchip 10:32 15 Sep 2006

If you save the Image to External USB drive put it on the first Partition as if you restore from DOS or Reboot Acronis only sees the first Partition on a USB drive

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