Problem accessing Yahoo and emails

  renard 22:16 15 Oct 2008

Please can anyone help me?
My PC operates on Windows XP.
Upon opening Internet Explorer, I am usually taken instantly to my home page, which is I have been doing this for years with no problem.
In the past few days, however, it is taking up to 20 minutes or more for this Yahoo page to appear.
When it eventually does appear and I click on 'Mail', again it takes forever to access my emails.
If I go to Outlook Express (which again usually works instantly and faultlessly), it now takes ages to download the messages from Yahoo - in fact, often the thing expires and cuts off after about 10 minutes trying to download the mail.
I have no trouble at all accessing other websites. It is only Yahoo and the (presumably) associated difficulty with OE.
While the PC is trying to connect to Yahoo, the address line reads click here

Everything else on my PC works fine.
A SpyBot scan says there are no threats.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I stress that I am not clever with computers!!

  renard 23:29 15 Oct 2008

Since posting this about an hour ago, I have discovered by browsing around that hundreds of other people are having the same problem with Yahoo at present.
So, fortunately it appears that the fault lies with Yahoo, not with my PC.

  User-1229748 19:47 16 Oct 2008

just seen your post,thank you cos i've also had the was so annoying that i changed my homepage :o)

  renard 23:56 16 Oct 2008

Another 24 hours and Yahoo have STILL not resolved this problem!!

I cannot access Yahoo for 30 minutes or more!

Once I get there, I cannot access my email!

Outlook Express is struggling to retrieve my email from Yahoo!

What a useless lot Yahoo are. They seem to have the same problem year after year, and take forever to resolve it.

If you wish to see the posts of hundreds of other frustrated Yahoo users, go here and browse about on Problems With Service:

click here;_ylt=Anm4Vs2DIb14velodZ5IOvxxOhh.;_ylv=3?sid=396546287&link=list

  renard 00:02 17 Oct 2008

Yahoo have even made a lash-up of my last post!

To see the frustrated users, you have to go to Yahoo Answers (see click here above), but then go Yahoo Products / Yahoo Mail / Problems With Service

I am tearing my hair out with the inefficiency of Yahoo!!!!

  VNAM75 21:12 17 Oct 2008

I've been having problems for about 4 days accessing my yahoo email. You would have thought they'd fixed it by now. I created a gmail account and directed the most important senders over. Gmail much better.

  Ankermi31 14:26 18 Oct 2008

Am having the same problems still todayu at 14.25. Mail is being sent to me from Yahoo user in Indonesia but hey ho its not getting here so good old Skype to the rescue!!

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