Problem accessing WAG54G gateway setup

  gm7268 17:51 24 Jan 2005

I have just bought, and am trying to istall a Linksys WAG54G gateway. I am trying to access it to set it up.
I'm following the manufactures instructions to no avail! All leads etc are connected. I have opened internet explorer and entered click here the default gateway address. I have disabled Norton Internet Security, and through internet tools on the browser have set it to 'never dial a connection'.
Despite this as soon as I hit the enter key to try and get to the gateway address, I.E. gives me the 'This page cannot be displayed screen'.
Any ideas please!

  Rigga 19:00 24 Jan 2005

I had a similar problem when configuring my WAG54G.

I found that I needed to set the TCP/IP protocol on my LAN card to "Obtain an IP address Automatically" before I could connect to the WAG54G router.

Start Menu / Control Panel / Network Connections / Local Area Connection - Right click Properties / Select TCP/IP protocol click Properties, then select Obtain an IP address automatically.

Something they fail to mention in the manual.


  gm7268 19:47 24 Jan 2005

Rigga - just tried that, and I either now get the dialog box telling me that this page is not available off line and I need to connect to the internet, or the original this page cannot be displayed?

  Rigga 09:10 25 Jan 2005

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday.

Firstly which if any lights are on, on the front of the router?

Second, under Start Menu / Run - type cmd / then in the DOS window type ipconfig

Post back what's displayed! and we'll take it from there.


  gm7268 16:58 25 Jan 2005

The router has the power, ethernet 1 (where the NIC is plugged into)and WLAN lights illuminated.

ipconfig displays-
Connection-speific DNS Suffix :
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

  Rigga 17:11 25 Jan 2005

Right, last time I came across a IP address, I cured it by re-installed the TCP/IP stack.

Start Menu / Control Panel / Network Connections / Local Area Connection - Right click Properties / Select TCP/IP protocol then click un-install.

You may have to remove the other protocols and your network cable as well before you can un-install the TCP/IP stack.

Then when they are all gone, reboot your computer then go back to Start Menu / Control Panel / Network Connections / Local Area Connection - Right click Properties and click install, then re-install the TCP/IP stack and microsoft client network.

After this is done, re-boot again, and try ipconfig again, and post the results.


  gm7268 18:21 25 Jan 2005

Rigga - sorry for taking my time, but also juggling looking after 2yr old (wifes at work!)

I've removed the network cable, and un-installed microsoft clent network, QoS Packet Scheduler and File and Printer sharing. But if I now highlight TCP/IP protocol, the uninstall box remains greyed out

  Kate B 18:33 25 Jan 2005

I can only offer this thought - my Netgear DG834G sometimes does the same thing ... quitting and firing up the browser again usually does the trick without having to fuss about reinstalling the TCP/IP stack ...

  gm7268 19:29 25 Jan 2005

Tried that countless times, along with loads of reboots, but with no success.

  Rigga 19:32 25 Jan 2005

Sorry, also had stuff to do, mainly eating because I was v.hungry.

Well after you have un-installed the other protocols, when you highlight the Local area connection in Start Menu / Control Panel / Network Connections if you right click does it give you the option to repair? if so then do so.

Let me know what it says.


  gm7268 19:40 25 Jan 2005

No - that option is greyed out too

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