Problem accessing secure web pages

  FreeCell 18:40 05 Apr 2007

Having a problem with Verified by Vias I cannot find a solution to, so looking for advice from anyone who has the solution.

Using Win XP Home and IE7 and McAfee Security Suite. Trying to access secure sites results in "Page not found "error message. Example is on following link
click here
Click on "If you have a Barclaycard Visa Card". I get a "Internet ex[lorer cannot display webpage" page. On my wife's computer on same broadband it works okay. All security settings appear to be the same on both computers. Cleared SSL certificates and run AdAware etc.
Any ideas?

  skidzy 18:44 05 Apr 2007

Hi Freecell

Have you checked that your javascript is enabled,though i would have thought you would receive a warning message if not.

Also,have you tried in Firefox ?

  FreeCell 19:31 05 Apr 2007

Hi Skidzy
No messages recieved and Java seems enabled. I'll try and follow that route a bit more to investigate further.

I know I could try another browser but I know it works on the same set-up as my computer as it does on the other one at home, and I'd like to try and resolve the issue with IE7. Can't really remember if it has worked since I upgraded from IE6.

  skidzy 19:42 05 Apr 2007

Just a thought,i bought a Dell lappy that came with Mcafee security suite...i also had problems similar to yours.

Have you tried turning Mcafee's firewall off briefly and see if you can access the site.

  FreeCell 19:55 05 Apr 2007

Hi Skiszy
Weel restarted PC so it may have been a number of things I did, but I can now access the page on the link attached earlier.

I did check McAfee firewall and removed a couple of blocked IP addresses that were not obvious "hack" attempts.

Also had changed some settings in IE Options to use default cookie settings.

I should have tried reboot after each change but I'll hope it has resolved the problem for now.

Problem started with trying to verify credit card purchase useing Verified by Visa. I'll have to wait for another purchase before I can make sure that works.

Thanks for the suggestions.

  skidzy 20:42 05 Apr 2007

Glad your sorted Freecell,lets hope it carries on ok.
If you have further problems,at least you will save a few quid :-))

  FreeCell 21:33 05 Apr 2007

Thanks Skidzy (Sorry about the typo earlier)

Always a silver lining for every cloud.

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