Problem accessing one website. Is this an ISP issue ?

  mooly 18:27 06 Dec 2011

I am having problems today connecting to just one website, which I use daily.

I get the "internet explorer can not display the webpage" and the dropdown gives the usual possibilities. All other sites I try seem OK.

If I put the web address into "isitdownforeveryone or just me" that reports the site up and running.

I cleared all temp files/cookies, ran a full disk clean and cleaned all in IE that was cleanable. I did the ipconfig /flush DNS command and netstop and net start DNS cache commands and still no joy.

While I kept trying I accidently clicked on the "diagnose problems" on the IE failed to display web page. That said something like that "the host server at address etc had been found but fails to respond when pinged" and that resetting the network can fix problems.

I then reset the BT Home Hub and low and behold I had instant access to the problem site.

This evening it has done exactly the same and resetting the router has again fixed the issue. Why is this happening all of a sudden and why just seemingly one site affected ? Is it something I should contact BT over ?


  spuds 19:11 06 Dec 2011

If your router keeps resetting itself or you need to keep resetting it, then I would contact BT about the problem.

What happens when you try another browser?.

  mooly 07:54 07 Dec 2011

Hi spuds,

I went as far as asking on the BT forum last night. A lot were saying they too were having problems with sites being unreachable. Even sites such as

I unplugged my HH for a while last night rather than just doing a soft "reset" and up to now it's been OK.

I don't really understand enough about the way the internet works to be able to understand why resetting a router suddenly allows access to one site that was giving problems.

  mooly 19:25 08 Dec 2011

All has been fine today as well so I conclude it was an ISP/ server issue of some sort.

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