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Problem accessing files on MyCloud

  amonra 07:55 01 Jul 2019

I have a problem trying to access some files on my son's hard disc using "MyCloud". If I log into his site on "MyCloud", I can see the section marked "PUBLIC". Click on that and I can see one file marked "COURSES". Open that file up and as you scroll down the list you see courses beginning with A,B,C and D then no more ! I know that there are courses all the way through to Z, as I used to be able to access them. I have tried emptying the cache on Chrome but no good. I can access ALL the courses on my older computer,(both Win10) so the fault is definitely this end. It has stumped us both and wonder if anyone has any suggestions please ???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 01 Jul 2019

Are you logged in as an admin on the new PC?

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