Problem accessing DVD RAM drive

  Shimmy 16:53 16 Oct 2004

Help, I've had an LG GSA4040B Combi drive since last Christmas, and still haven't written a file to it. I formatted my first DVD RAM disk as UDF1.5, and then realized it was the wrong format to view slide shows of my photos on my TV via my Panasonic DVD player.
I have tried to re-format the disc as UDF2.0, but it always tells me my drive is in use, and to quit all programs that may be using the drive. So I close all programs in task manager with any reference to DVD, and also my anti-virus, but still get the message saying my drive is in use.
Eventually I bought a new blank DVD RAM, and formatted that as UDF2.0, but the write-protect must have been enabled, so I can't write to it. Trying to disable write protect throws up the same problem of drive in use, please quit any program that may be using it. Any ideas please.

  S5W 19:34 16 Oct 2004

I've been using DVD RAM for over two years and I have never formatted a disk. I think what you need is a simple DVD RAM driver, there are several on google. Once the driver is installed just treat the disks as huge formatted floppies. Up to now I have never had a moments trouble. It is a very stable and user friendly system, probably why it is so unpopular with the cognizenti.

  Shimmy 20:18 16 Oct 2004

I think I need to format it to UDF2.0, the main reason I went for DVD RAM was for a more reliable medium to store my digital photos, and do slide shows on the telly via my DVD player. When I wrote my pictures to the UDF1.5 disc, the DVD player wouldn't recognize the disc, I think the same would go for FAT32.
I'm only using the basic driver that came with the drive.

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