problem with 123Reg who host my domain name

  palinka 11:01 12 Nov 2013

has anty Mon, 11 Nov 2013 at 16:56 Mon, 16:56 has anyone else had the same experience?
123.Reg who host my domain name ( unchanged for the 10 years or thereabouts that i havehad it) sent me an email saying that Nominet are unable to vaidate my details and therefore

"my Domain registration details need updating to avoid disruption to my services" i rweceived the email last week and replied to 123reg pointing out thsat they have al th necesayry details and thta none of the rdetails haschanged. today i have received an almost identical email from them,again sayaing that I need to update my details

Is this a new form of spam? Or is it simply a mistake by either 123Reg or by nominet? has anyone else had the same experience?

  spuds 12:15 12 Nov 2013

Why don't you contact Nominet direct?.

I have found Nominet very helpful in the past. Getting your domain information from them is very simple and easy.

  Batch 12:31 12 Nov 2013

Go to Nominet Site and click .uk Domain Names and look at the various sections therein.

  beynac 13:00 12 Nov 2013

I think you will find that there is an obligation to confirm your details to Nominet (the registering authority). I don't know how often this is required, but I have had to do it on occasion. I suggest that you get in touch with 123Reg and ask their advice.

  palinka 17:57 12 Nov 2013

thanks, Batch, for the suggestion . I've now written to Nominet and wait to see what they willsay.

  123regonline 11:43 13 Nov 2013

Good Morning, my name is Karra I work here at 123-Reg,

I have come across your post and would like to help you further.

I can confirm those emails are being sent by us and are not spam. We have sent out these notification emails to customers who have been flagged up as having incorrect registration information on their domain name. We do urge all of our customers to check their details and update as needed. Please remember that during this period these updates can be made free of charge directly through 123-reg. If you are not sure which details need changing please let me know and I will be able to advise you.

If you would like to discuss this further which I will be more than happy to do, please send me your usernamer/domain name to [email protected]

Kind Regards

  palinka 13:20 13 Nov 2013

thanks everyone, especially thiose who suggested contacting Nominet.

Nominet have replied sending info about how to update my details as registered with them.

reading between the lines ( and this is a guess) i think the problem has arisen because if I were starting now, i would have to give my full name,not just my last name - which is all that 123 needed originally.

but  123reg  HAVE  my  full name and it is 123 reg who  will have been in touch  with    Nominet  (I have never previously had to contact  Nominet )

IN other words , 123 already have the info that Nominet need, and it puzzles me why 123 did not give this info to Nominet! i haven't quite completed the work needed by Nominet, but when I do it will be thnks ( as so often) to help from folk at PCA

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