Probelms reading discs

  lintony 09:25 12 Mar 2005

Hi there

My computer seems to have developed problems reading discs. I can hear it trying. I have tried to run a lens cleaner but this doesn't seem to help.

I have Windows XP.

Can anyone help please?


  Diodorus Siculus 09:39 12 Mar 2005

How many drives do you have?

Go to the device manger and remove the optical drive, then reboot and windows should load drivers for it.

  lintony 10:26 12 Mar 2005


I have two drives. CD and DVD. I'm afraid that I am not very technically minded. Can you repeat the instructions in a language that me a mere woman can understand?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 12 Mar 2005

Start - settings - control panel - system - hardware - device manager.

Highlight DVD\CD-Rom drives

Highlight the device giving the trouble.

Right click select unistall and click.

when warning appears select OK.

Drive will now be unistalled.

Select Action menu from top of page

select scan for hardware changes.

XP should now scan find the drive and reinstall it.

  lintony 11:38 12 Mar 2005

Hi there FuitBat

I have followed your instructions but the CD drive is still struggling to run.

Any other ideas please?


  Diodorus Siculus 12:19 12 Mar 2005

Could be that the laser has failed. They are not expensive - a CD-RW drive is less than £20, a DVD writer for less than twice that.

It might be worth your while replacing it - it is not at all a difficult job it you have a standard PC and are dextrous enough to use a screwdriver.

  Chezdez 12:41 12 Mar 2005

if you are gonna try replacing the drive, be very careful inside, and double check that are all cables are securely seated before putting the case back on, highly annoying having to unplug everything again becuase you knocked a cable loose!

  lintony 10:58 13 Mar 2005

I can get someone, an IT person at work to do this for me, but what do I have to buy. My computer is a Packard Bell.

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