Probably an impossible task !

  3tg 13:45 16 Mar 2003

We have a lot of files on an old program that came with a Tandy computer years ago,"Deskmate", it is a DOs program. Does anyone know of a program or a way to convert these files to run with Windows (98/ME) ?. We have tried going into File Manager and using the drag and drop but we get the message "unknown format". WE would like to print some of the files but Deskmate does not recognize recent printers. Cheers

  DieSse 13:53 16 Mar 2003

What kind of files?? If they are Word Processor files, you could try them in MSWord using the "Reciver Text from any File" Import facility.

  Diemmess 16:21 16 Mar 2003

In what form are your Tandy files stored? On a huge floppy in the Tandy machine, or have they reached a normal PC floppy.

I assume the "Deskmate" printer is no more, and certainly a floppy on the Tandy is unlikely to have a recognisable fit or format for the PC.

If your files are still only readable on the old machine then all I can think of is some sort of hard wiring via the RS232 port on the Tandy and laplink or some clever software to "send" them to your PC......Then as DieSse says you have a chance with Word

  3tg 19:15 16 Mar 2003

The program is on the new computer in msdos, what it is, is a card file system. The whole program came on a set if floppy discs which includes file systems, address book, calendar, data file etc. all being dos based. We would like to transfer the information to an up todate program. We have tried lots of ways but we are not totally computer literates. Thanks for the replies so far.

  Qmar 19:41 16 Mar 2003

..DieSse has asked 'what kind of data files'..please state the file-extention of the name the DATA files are shown as...if you need copy them to c\windows\desktop , so that windows can interpret them.. make sure windows is set to display all file attributes and all hidden files..goto: mycomputer..view..folderoptions.

Also the Name of the program would help.

  wee eddie 22:04 16 Mar 2003

I think that it was a Dos based PIM, but have no idea in what format it stored it's files

  DieSse 22:15 16 Mar 2003

Try emailing this man - he wrote Deskmate!!

click here

  woodchip 22:16 16 Mar 2003

If you have got the files on your Hard Drive along with the Program, then they should show up in Windows Explorer check all the folders and look for the extension as above it will be something .text as an example or some other file type. InfranView may be able to read the format if you download the program

  VoG™ 22:19 16 Mar 2003

If they are DOS files are they comma delimited or what? If they are, or fixed field or some other recognisable format then it might be possible to import them into Excel. I've done this in the past with files generated on an Amiga (oh, for the good times).

  DieSse 22:37 16 Mar 2003

How about a Tandy emulator for the PC?

click here

  3tg 10:03 17 Mar 2003

We will take all your advice and try to answer the questions asap, will report back. Cheers

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