Probably have a failed hard drive.

  alcudia 10:02 03 Nov 2003

Advent 3206 Win Me

Been having a few problems lately so yesterday I tried to recover the machine by using the suppled recovery disc. This failed twice on 44% with a write error. So booted with a Win98 start up disc and tried to format it, fogetting that the recovery disc removes the FAT. So tried fdisk. This ran and ran, restarting integrity checking each time it got to 100%, and twice on 66%. Eventually gave up after the seventh run and concluded that drive had had it.

Please can anyone think of any other possible reason for this happening before I order a nice new massive hard drive.

Many thanks.

  BigMoFoT 10:13 03 Nov 2003

Going of the fact that you received a write error I agree with that fact the your HDD is FUBAR!!!

In terms of buying a replacement make sure your system can take a "massive" HDD!

  choffe 10:26 03 Nov 2003

it sounds like you have had the same problem as myself.
the bad sectors are software and not failing hardware, i am pretty sure of this as you used a recovery disk.

what i did to rectify my problem was to go to the hdd manufacturers web site and downloaded their disk setup software, which allowed me to perform a low level hdd zero(took 13 hours to complete) and the results were astounding.
the main concern is which software caused the problem?
chances are that if you install all the same things onto a new hdd, you may come up with the same problem.
a list of system spec's would be nice.
p4 3.0gig 800fsb HT enabled
512 meg ddr400's ram
seagate barracuda 120gig hdd...etc...
that way others may have more look in pinpointing the exact problem.

  alcudia 10:33 03 Nov 2003

In answer: P4 1.8Ghz. 512mb133. 40gb hard drive. 32mb gforce3.

Am told by Advent that is certainly the drive that has gone, and that I will have no problems with a replacement 120gb Seagate barracuda I have now ordered.

No new software installed for some time before problems began, but they started after my son said that Norton was reporting all sorts of things about malicious scripts etc. So perhaps something did get through and install itself.

But I could do with a bigger drive anyway, and it's cheap enough. However you have confiremd a suspicion that I had. It was too coincidental.

  choffe 13:53 03 Nov 2003

norton and win xp used to give people problems and never recognised the pc administators admin rights but i believe the later versions are all neatly bundled to work with xp, so it may be worth checking through windows knowladge base for any known issues.
logitech light mouse caused havock with my new pc recently, makes me chuckle now though..
why do things all of a sudden just stop being compatible??
good luck and a good choice in hdd, seagate have some neat download tools for hdd checking and set up.

  alcudia 14:08 03 Nov 2003

Thanks for that. I wonder what I'll do with all that disc space. The swap file will be on it's own partition for a start.

  alcudia 16:40 06 Nov 2003

Just a thank you for the pointer about the disk wizard setup prog on the Seagate site. Have downloaded this and created the two floppies.

I assume that this will take care of all the fdisking and formatting. If it does it will save a lot of work.

Thanks again.

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