probably dippy question on dvd rw etc

  Smokeyone 10:13 07 Jun 2006

I have just purchased a dvd +/- rw external disc drive that comes with nero software. Am I correct in assuming that it can only operate via the nero software and that it cannot copy straight from windows.

  Shortstop 10:37 07 Jun 2006

Well, Win XP can copy music via Windows Media Player [WMP] but personally I feel that Nero is a better solution. It is a program exclusively for burning rather than WMP which obviously also plays music & videos]. IMHO it tends to be a master at one thing rather than a Jack of all trades!

Also, WMP will not burn DVDs - I believe that this will be available in the Windows Vista.



  Blake7© 10:40 07 Jun 2006

You can use any software you want to operate the drive, including windows.

  GroupFC 11:06 07 Jun 2006

I'm not sure that I understand your reply.

Smokeyone originally asked "...assuming... that it cannot copy straight from windows." I take this to mean in the way that the inbuilt CD burning works in XP. If that is the case, then DVD burning is not supported in this way, AFAIK.

  Shortstop 11:13 07 Jun 2006

Group FC is correct on DVD burning [as I also advised] and Smokeyone has already mentioned that Nero is owned, so that makes it 'better' than dowloading either a freebie or buying, say, Roxio

  GroupFC 11:26 07 Jun 2006

"[as I also advised]" - yeah, sorry missed that bit!

  Shortstop 11:30 07 Jun 2006

Sorry Group FC - wasn't meant as oneupmanship, just to support your statement!!!

  Smokeyone 11:38 07 Jun 2006

Thanks for the advice but although windows xp recognises the drive I cannot seem to get it to copy to the drive by itself, although via nero everything is okay.
The inbuilt pc drive works fine in copying cd's just usuing windows so I wondered if the external would do the same but no luck so far.

  Shortstop 11:44 07 Jun 2006

Smokeyone - as advised, Windows XP is not geared up to burn DVDs on its own. You MUST use another program and Nero is perfect. Windows WILL burn CDs though ....

  De Marcus™ 12:10 07 Jun 2006

Sound like your having problems trying to burn CD's with XP, what method are you using? WMP?

  Legolas 12:48 07 Jun 2006

You can only burn cd,s with the inbuilt win software not DVD,s as said I think this will be rectified in Vista click here

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