Probable virus infection that I cannot solve.

  The Teacher 23:05 13 Sep 2003

My brother runs XP-Pro. Like a first class prat he had no virus protection on his system and he appears to have picked up a virus.

The problem is in connecting to the internet. A connection is allowed but then, after appx. 10 seconds the following message appears: "The computer needs to restart due to the connection being cancelled by NT Authority/SYSTEM.

I put Norton AV on his machine and did a check but it showed clear for virii. I got the obvious "live update" message from Norton but the update cannot be done because of the internet problem.

I suspect that he has been infected with a "new" virus, i.e. one that as appeared since my version of Norton, which is System Works 2001 Pro. I suspect this because of the virus scan showing clear.

Does anyone have any idea what NT Authority/SYSTEM is, where it can be found and how to solve this problem? I have searched for any file labelled as above but cannot find it for him.

Never having run XP I am limited in what I can do for him short of the above, but without the internet connection we seem stumped to get an update or a website that will identify and clear the virus.

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  VoG II 23:09 13 Sep 2003

He has got Blaster click here

You/he need to remove it. Stinger is good click here and download the patch from Microsoft.

  Jester2K II 23:10 13 Sep 2003

Then get an up to date AV - click here AVG 6 is free.

make sure you get that patch though cos it'll be back within 30 seconds of logging on the 'net if you don't.

  Jester2K II 23:11 13 Sep 2003

Also to stop the countdown hit the Winkey (Windows Flag Key) and R then type "shutdown -a" (no quotes) and hit enter.

It'll buy you some time.

  The Teacher 23:15 13 Sep 2003

Thanks. I will get the various downloads etc., for him and try again. I doubt whether it will be until later in the week though. I will tell him not to use his home PC until it is fixed.

For an IT project co-ordinator he is pretty blaise when it comes to his own PC security.

The Teacher

  DieSse 23:20 13 Sep 2003

To stop the blaster worm getting into your system agan and again, so that you have enough time to remove it and get the Windows update that stops it - simply activate the WinXP firewall on your internet connection.

  VoG II 23:23 13 Sep 2003

You also need to update YOUR virus protection!

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