prob, nvidia GF4700

  sonofquassiemodo 20:56 28 Feb 2009

can anyone advise me, if i uninstall my nvidia driver, will it stop me from rebooting properly, im a newbie, sorry, scared to do it just in case the screen is blank on reboot,,,,,been avin probs with it,,,,,,,dollar signs showing up on start up screen, and yellow stripes surrounding cursor, then , shut down, but the start up screen is just covered in dollar signs, and the options are all gibberish,.lol.plz help

  MAJ 21:12 28 Feb 2009

Windows should load basic drivers, try starting in Safe Mode, press F8 on startup and choose Safe Mode from the options.

  sonofquassiemodo 22:24 28 Feb 2009

hanks maj, if i uninstall the nvidia, it'll be ok, ill still be able to reboot, but in safe mode,,,,,will i have to set the resolution then,...?

  MAJ 23:28 28 Feb 2009

Yes you'll be okay to uninstall the drivers, sonofquassiemodo, Windows will load it's own basic drivers which should let you boot the PC and reinstall the drivers for your graphics card as it's probably the drivers you are using are corrupt (by the sound of things). You haven't said which operating system you're using or how the problem started, but try loading the drivers from the nVidia website, see if it helps the situation. Although, it could also be a faulty monitor cable that's causing the problem, rather than the card or drivers.

  sonofquassiemodo 00:07 01 Mar 2009

oh soz maj, its xp,it just started out the blue,ive had the lappy for 2yrs plus, no prob,but over the last 3-4 weeks its been bad, sometimes its sound for days then ,,, bang,,,,it back to the dollar signs,....thanks again maj for your interest in this,,,,

  sonofquassiemodo 00:12 01 Mar 2009

oh soz again maj, ive been on the nvidia site , i suggests going to the manufacturer, which is , currys or pc world as they both belong together, cos of their set up system , i did try that last week, downloading drvers, but as im a newbee, i assumed the new driver download would automatically replace theold one and im not sure if it did, cos i wouldnt know how to tell,.lol

  MAJ 00:23 01 Mar 2009

What's the make and model of the laptop, sonofquassiemodo, or post a link to the drivers you downloaded. The fact that the problem occurs intermittently isn't a good sign I'm afraid, it could mean that your graphics chip is failing and on a laptop, that's a problem as they aren't easily replaced.

  gazzaho 05:26 01 Mar 2009

Laptop drivers are sometimes different from the desktop versions and it might be best if you stick with the drivers from your laptop manufacturers web site. Nvidia have released a beta laptop driver but it's only for GeForce series 7 GO cards.

As far as I know you need a customised .inf file in order to install desktop drivers properly on a laptop, I say as far as I know because I've never used desktop drivers on my laptop, but I did a little research and that's what I found.

As Maj says a bad graphics chip on a laptop means a new laptop, or an expensive repair.

  sonofquassiemodo 11:57 01 Mar 2009

thanks maj,gazz, u helped me last time, its same prob, lol, thought i had it sussed, the make is advent 7093, i have uninstalled and rebooted in safe mode, all is ok , but it couldnt re-install the drvers, after found new hardware, so still on safe mode, its letting me on ok but the dollar signs still show up on restart, but then it goes through the windows start up ok, ......?.alan

  gazzaho 16:56 01 Mar 2009

You state that your graphics card is a geforce 4700 but on searching for your laptop model I found this click here
If this is your laptop then the graphics card is a nVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 256MB and the beta drivers I mentioned may work click here just download the file and double click it to run and install.

However you say that you still get dollar signs with the Windows default drivers, if this is the case then I suspect the graphics card may be damaged.

  sonofquassiemodo 14:59 02 Mar 2009

thanks, gazz, so what am i looking at if thats the case ,damaged card......?when i uninstall the nvidia it runs great, i ran a few checks on it, but it had a yellow triangle on the vga controller, when i tried to uninstall and reinstall it, it couldnt,,,,,,it said found new hardware, but couldnt install it, thinking of reachin for the hammer next,.lol

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