prob with graphic card

  Jaro 23:08 12 Dec 2005

hi there,

i have a prob with my graphic card i think its the GC. my card is ati 9600 XT . the prob started few weeks ago. its when i play games. everythink is fine and sudenly its slows down. i can not play for about five sec and then its ok again. i happens every time i play after certain time. dont know what it could be. it shouldnt be drivers cos i havent update them recently. it was ok before. should i fear the worst maybe the card is going to bye bye. but the card is about 2 months old. does anyone now what that could be. i have to say again it was working properly before and i havent changed anything.

  HXP 23:25 12 Dec 2005

what game is it ?

When the games slow down is the HDD active ?

Have you anything else running in the background while you are playing the game ?

Are there any specific lighting effects during slowdown ?

Try dropping the resolution of the game / turn off anti aliasing just to see if that stops slow downs.

Check for the latest patches for the game.

All of these things could help you to pinpoint what is happening ... ( maybe )


  Jaro 23:39 12 Dec 2005

HDD is not active but there r some prog running in the background but i always had them running. no lighting effects and it was always running ok under the setings i have. i havent changed resolution or anti aliasing. its just started with no reason. well there must be one but not any of those mentioned above. i just remembered that it started when prob with my windows explorer started. could that be a prob ? sometimes when im useing explorer its just slows down and i have to use ctrl/alt/del to stop it in task manager cos it shows 90% CPU usage. could that be a prob? even if the explorer is turned of when i play the games? by the way i play CSS, COD, FC and Tactical Ops.

  Jaro 00:10 13 Dec 2005

any sugestions ?

  ACOLYTE 00:48 13 Dec 2005

It sounds like something is accessing the Hard drive at certain intervals and causing the game to slow down,maybe a virus scanner or a defrag option.

  gudgulf 10:41 13 Dec 2005

Have you changed any programs on the pc,like the type of antivirus you use?

Run some antimalware scanners just in case you have picked up a nasty.

  Midsman2005 12:18 13 Dec 2005

Problems like this always appear from time to time for us gamers....and unfortunately its a nightmare to track down what is doing it.

In task manager close down as many processes as you can and as many things that are running in the background as you can by using task manager, there is a website somewhere that tells you which ones can be closed (search on google)...Also close down progs that run in the background like AV and firewall, etc.

Then start playing the game....and see if it still happens.....if it works fine then it is one of the programs you have closed.

I say this because in the days of Counter Strike 1.5 many users had the same problem and it was causes by Zonealarm, so we all had to change to Sygate....and then it worked fine.

Eventually, if you cant solve it any other way you will just have to reinstall windows and play the game on an otherwise totally new system....then it is just a case of installing your software and seeing when your gaming experience goes bad.

A lot of us gamers do the Windows Reinstall thing every year or so...just to keep everything running top notch.

But it is a pain.

  Jaro 14:12 13 Dec 2005

thank you guys for your help will try what you sugested. hope its not the graphic card that cose the prob cos it new card. i was worried cos i bought Nvidia graphic card before this one and i had to send it back straitaway. they tested it and it was folty AGP.

will post back


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