prob with BT after moving to Virgin BB Help please

  bof:) 16:34 19 Jul 2008

Hi all, my friend (using XP Home SP2) is having problems with connecting to his Hotmail account since moving from BT to Virgin for his BB connection. (He use to connect via BT Modem...NOT BT Hub)

Every time he tries to connect to Hotmail he gets a series of messages asking him to put in his old BT email address.

To get rid of this we have tried the following:

Looked in Add/Remove for anything BT/British Telecom,.... nothing found.

Looked in Start/Programs ..... nothing found

Looked in Program Files....nothing found

Did a search for BT and British Telecom.... nothing found.

Looked in the Registry 100's/1000's of BT items found.

So, has he got to go through all of these and delete them one at a time or is there an Uninstall program anyone knows of that he can download and run?

Unfortunately my friend has moved to the other end of the country from myself so all advice has to be given via telephone or Skype. So if possible can we keep it as straight forward as possible please.

many thanks,


  Sea Urchin 16:58 19 Jul 2008

How is he trying to access the account - is it via the Hotmail website, or using an email client such as Windows Mail or Outlook?

  bof:) 17:13 19 Jul 2008

Hi Sea Urchin, he is using his 'Windows Live Messenger' icon on his desktop.

Earlier on today he sent an email with out any problem.

Now,every time he clicks on his 'Windows Live Messenger' icon, he gets pages up asking his to connect to his BT Email account.

He cannot reduce or close the pages to get past them to his Windows Live Messenger page.


  Newuser939 17:22 19 Jul 2008

If he is still using his BT modem, is it not "hard wired" to BT services? Did Virgin not give him a new modem?

  tullie 17:26 19 Jul 2008

Cant understand why his Hotmail email client should be affected?

  bof:) 17:47 19 Jul 2008

Hi all, problem appears to have been solved.

It appears that my friend having downloaded Windows Live Messenger is using the old yellow folder icon he did to get his emais when on BT BB.

I got his to make an icon for Windows live messenger and he can now get his emails without anything BT appearing.

Sea Urchin, I tried getting his to go to and he could get his emails without interference from BT. So I thought it may be down to the icon on his desktop and where it was connecting to.

A new icon seems to have solved the problem. Thankyou for your help.

Newuser939, sorry if I did not make it clear. I should of mentioned he was using a Virgin BB modem.

Thank you all for the help given it was very much appreciated :-)


  Sea Urchin 18:46 19 Jul 2008

Glad to hear it seems to be sorted.

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